Exclusive : ‘Toyota Compact’ Is New Brand Established For Emerging Markets

toyota compact car company

Toyota Compact Car Company will be responsible for developing products for emerging markets while Toyota Mid Size Vehicle Company could be another one in the making

Toyota Motor Corporation and subsidiary Daihatsu Motor announced their intention to set up an internal organisation that would primarily focus on the emerging markets towards the end of last year. In an exclusive report, we can now reveal that the internal brand has been christened as ‘Toyota Compact Car Company’.

As the name suggests, the internal company will be responsible for compact vehicles to be introduced in the emerging automotive markets around the world as Toyota group embarks on a new strategic journey to expand its global footprint and focus on the volume-based segments. The significant objective of TC is to establish work processes uninterrupted by conventional practices and rules.

Moreover, it will be based on Daihatsu’s approach to produce affordable, high-quality competitive products mainly for the emerging markets. As outlined by Toyota earlier, the Compact Car Company will have three sub-divisions: a Product and Business Planning division, a Product Planning Division and a Quality Planning Division.

toyota compact car company

It was announced earlier by Toyota that Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. would be renamed as Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TDEM) and become part of the new internal company. The Product and Business Planning Division will help in developing both Toyota and Daihatsu vehicles. It will be making proposals for the two companies’ product lineup for emerging markets while assessing overall strategy.

Daihatsu will take responsibility for product development of compact cars for the emerging markets while other two divisions will keep in check the final product development and quality of the vehicles. The Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will support the production of Daihatsu-branded compact vehicles for emerging marketplaces.

Daihatsu has long been said to be making an appearance in India. Although recent speculations pointed at a delay in progress due to Toyota’s pact with Suzuki to make small cars, we could see the affordable car maker entering our market in the not-so distant future with guidelines under the new internal company.