Toyota Car Prices After GST – Comprehensive List

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Toyota Kirloskar Motor experienced a YoY sales slump of 85 percent last month as the dubious situation surrounding the weeks leading up to the GST implementation made customers to not make a resolute buying decision according to the Japanese brand. It had also been stated that to lessen the burden on the Toyota dealers spread across the nation and give them a chance to clear the prevailing stocks, Toyota reduced the volumes provided to them in June 2017.

With the GST laws already in place, Toyota can be buoyed with the fact that the price reduction has largely been on the positive side and noticeable. However, the Prius and Camry hybrid vehicles have taken hit with hefty increase in their prices. Here is the complete list of price changes as an impact of the GST tax structure across Toyota’s fleet:

Toyota Innova Crysta Price After GST

                                            Toyota Innova Crysta Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Diesel MT Base

Rs. 13,51,900 (ex)

Rs. 16,25,878 (On)

Diesel MT Base

Rs. 14,43,000 (ex)

Rs. 17,33,010 (On)


Rs. 91,100 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 1,07,132 (on-road)

Diesel MT Top

Rs. 18,85,000 (ex)

Rs. 22,58,074 (On)

Diesel MT Top

Rs. 20,10,500 (ex)

Rs. 24,05,412 (On)


Rs. 1,25,500 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 1,47,338 (on-road)

Diesel AT Base

Rs. 15,57,700 (ex)

Rs. 18,69,932 (On)

Diesel AT Base

Rs. 16,62,000 (ex)

Rs. 19,92,493 (On)


Rs. 1,04,300 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 1,22,861 (on-road)

Diesel AT Top

Rs. 20,07,200 (ex)

Rs. 24,02,988 (On)

Diesel AT Top

Rs. 21,40,500 (ex)

Rs. 25,59,442 (On)


Rs. 1,33,300 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 1,56,454 (on-road)

Petrol MT Base

Rs. 13,30,400 (ex)

Rs. 15,53,749 (On)

Petrol MT Base

Rs. 14,20,000 (ex)

Rs. 16,55,989 (On)


Rs. 89,600 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 1,02,240 (on-road)

Petrol AT Top

Rs. 18,84,200 (ex)

Rs. 21,91,080 (On)

Petrol AT Top

Rs. 20,09,500 (ex)

Rs. 23,33,794 (On)


Rs. 1,25,300 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 1,42,714 (on-road)

Toyota has the Innova as its bestselling model in the Indian market for many years and the new generation model, despite being positioned in a pricier range than its predecessor, has been well-received since its launch last year.

Amidst the arrival of Tata Hexa and Hyundai Tucson, the Innova Crysta has managed to hold its stead in the premium space. With the GST laws implemented from this month, its prices have gone down by a big margin across the entire range as the base diesel sees reduction of Rs. 1,07,132 (on-road). The benefit surges up to Rs. 1,56,454 (on-road) for the top-end diesel variant.

Toyota Etios Cross Price After GST

                                             Toyota Etios Cross Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Etios Cross Petrol 1.2 G

Rs. 6,36,300 (ex)

Rs. 7,24,499 (On)

Etios Cross Petrol 1.2 G

Rs. 6,59,707 (ex)

Rs. 7,50,962 (On)


Rs. 23,407 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 26,463 (on-road)

Etios Cross Petrol 1.5 VSP

Rs. 7,75,700 (ex)

Rs. 8,79,623 (On)

Etios Cross Petrol 1.5 VSP

Rs. 8,09,700 (ex)

Rs. 9,17,896 (On)



Rs. 34,00 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 38,273 (on-road)

Etios Cross Diesel

1.4 GD

Rs. 7,51,400 (ex)

Rs. 8,65,761 (On)

Etios Cross Diesel

1.4 GD

Rs. 7,76,575 (ex)

Rs. 8,94,647 (On)



Rs. 25,175 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 28,886 (on-road)

Etios Cross Diesel

1.4 VD SP

Rs. 7,80,600 (ex)

Rs. 8,98,765 (On)

Etios Cross Diesel

1.4 VD SP

Rs. 8,06,675 (ex)

Rs. 9,28,609 (On)



Rs. 26,075 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 29,844 (on-road)

As the GST benefits budget as well as premium cars, the Etios based crossover is all smiles as Toyota, like many other manufacturers, distributed the price reduction across the mass market fleet as well.

Toyota-Etios-Cross-dynamique-frontWhile the entry-level petrol Etios Cross endures Rs. 26,463 price drop, the top-end oil-burner is close to Rs. 30,000 cheaper. It could help in improving the sales figures of the Etios Cross but we would have to wait and see the results in the coming months.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Price After GST

                                                 Toyota Camry Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference

Rs. 28,68,900 (ex)

Rs. 33,13,124 (On)


Rs. 30,70,100 (ex)

Rs. 35,41,728 (On)


Rs. 2,01,200 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 2,28,604 (on-road)


Rs. 36,52,300 (ex)

Rs. 42,11,666 (On)


Rs. 31,98,500 (ex)

Rs. 36,88,881 (On)

Rs. +4,53,800 (ex-showroom)

Rs. +5,22,785 (on-road)

The Japanese auto major boasts about the hybrid variant of its Camry as a vehicle of transition to greener India in the future. It did see increase in sales when the Delhi government banned big diesels.

2017 Toyota Camry HybridBut, since the new GST regime does not want to encourage hybrid models, a whopping Rs. 5,22,785 extra sum has to be paid from this month if you want to own the Camry hybrid. However, the conventional petrol-engined sedan has taken full advantage of the tax structure and therefore has its price reduced by Rs. 2,28,604.

Toyota Prius Price After GST

                                                 Toyota Prius Price (Z8)
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Rs. 44,06,000(ex)

Rs. 50,76,144 (On)

Rs. 38,96,040 (ex)

Rs. 44,88,285 (On)

Rs. +5,09,960 (ex-showroom)

Rs. +5,87,859 (on-road)

As much as the popular hybrid vehicles in the country like Maruti Ciaz SHVS, Ertiga SHVS and the aforementioned Camry Hybrid, the globally popular Prius featuring regenerative braking and 1.8L engine with Hybrid Synergy Drive to deliver 26.27 kmpl mileage, takes a hit with price surge of Rs. 5,87,859.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime India LaunchToyota Land Cruiser Price After GST

                               Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Rs. 84,71,000 (ex)

Rs. 1,00,35,649 (On)

Rs. 93,36,000 (ex)

Rs. 1,10,49,914 (On)

Rs. 8,65,000 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 10,14,265 (on-road)

                                            Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Rs. 1,28,40,000 (ex)

Rs. 1,51,99,934 (On)

Rs. 1,34,39,000 (ex)

Rs. 1,58,95,919 (On)

Rs. 5,99,000 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 6,95,985 (on-road)

The luxury cars and SUVs are certainly having a heyday at the Indian marketplace, as the GST benefits passed on to the customers, have been nothing short of immense. Resultantly, Toyota’s Land Cruiser Prado has its on-road price reduced by over Rs. 10 lakh – nearly a tenth of its actual cost.

2016 Land Cruiser 200 Facelift LaunchThe range-topping flagship Cruiser 200 receives a price reduction of Rs. 6,95,985 (on-road). It is currently priced at nearly Rs. 1.52 crore in the domestic market. Powering the Land Cruiser 200 is a 4.4-litre V8 engine producing a massive 650 Nm of torque and 265 PS of power fettled to all four wheels through a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Toyota Etios Liva Price After GST

                                                Toyota Etios Liva Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Etios Liva Petrol Base

Rs. 5,20,300 (ex)

Rs. 5,80,431 (On)

Etios Liva Petrol Base

Rs. 5,39,937 (ex)

Rs. 6,01,432 (On)


Rs. 19,637 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 21,001 (on-road)

Etios Liva Petrol Top

Rs. 6,25,900 (ex)

Rs. 7,13,720 (On)

Etios Liva Petrol Top

Rs. 6,49,231 (ex)

Rs. 7,39,302 (On)


Rs. 23,331 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 25,582 (on-road)

Etios Liva Diesel Base

Rs. 6,47,800 (ex)

Rs. 7,49,477 (On)

Etios Liva Diesel Base

Rs. 6,69,863 (ex)

Rs. 7,74,011 (On)


Rs. 22,063 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 24,534 (on-road)

Etios Liva Diesel Top

Rs. 7,37,700 (ex)

Rs. 8,51,207 (On)

Etios Liva Diesel Top

Rs. 7,63,657 (ex)

Rs. 8,80,044 (On)


Rs. 25,957 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 28,837 (on-road)

The Liva hatchback, which comes with several standard safety features, currently starts at Rs. 5,80,431 (on-road). It is due to the Rs. 21,001 slashing in price due to the GST laws. As the Etios Cross, the benefits of the common tax regime, have been almost evenly spread across the Liva range as well. The top-of-the-line diesel trim gets Rs. 28,837 price drop.

2017 Toyota Etios Liva dual-tone Launched in India 1Toyota Etios Price After GST

                                                     Toyota Etios Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Etios Petrol Base

Rs. 6,27,100 (ex)

Rs. 7,15,126 (On)

Etios Petrol Base

Rs. 6,54,189 (ex)

Rs. 7,44,820 (On)


Rs. 27,089 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 29,694 (on-road)

Etios Petrol Top

Rs. 7,52,600 (ex)

Rs. 8,54,955 (On)

Etios Petrol Top

Rs. 7,85,256 (ex)

Rs. 8,90,693 (On)


Rs. 32,656 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 35,738 (on-road)

Etios Diesel Base

Rs. 7,34,700 (ex)

Rs. 8,47,896 (On)

Etios Diesel Base

Rs. 7,67,229 (ex)

Rs. 8,84,083 (On)


Rs. 32,529 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 36,187 (on-road)

Etios Diesel Top

Rs. 8,60,200 (ex)

Rs. 9,89,928 (On)

Etios Diesel Top

Rs. 8,98,296 (ex)

Rs. 10,32,251 (On)


Rs. 38,096 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 42,323 (on-road)

Toyota introduced the facelifted Etios carline late year syncing with the cosmetic changes made in Brazil. It is one of the practical sedans out there to buy and has the GST price reduction ranging between Rs. 29,694 and Rs. 42,323.

2016 Toyota Etios facelift review petrol-7Toyota Fortuner Price After GST

                            Toyota Fortuner Price (Pearl White Colour)
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Fortuner Petrol MT

Rs. 24,54,600 (ex)

Rs. 28,38,051 (On)

Fortuner Petrol MT

Rs. 26,81,000 (ex)

Rs. 30,95,805 (On)


Rs. 2,26,400 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 2,57,754 (on-road)

Fortuner Petrol AT

Rs. 26,09,600 (ex)

Rs. 30,15,833 (On)

Fortuner Petrol AT

Rs. 28,50,000 (ex)

Rs. 32,89,485 (On)


Rs. 2,40,400 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 2,73,652 (on-road)

Fortuner Diesel Base MT

Rs. 26,01,300 (ex)

Rs. 30,97,492 (On)

Fortuner Diesel Base MT

Rs. 28,41,000 (ex)

Rs. 33,78,749 (On)


Rs. 2,39,700 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 2,81,257 (on-road)

Fortuner Diesel Top AT

Rs. 29,31,400 (ex)

Rs. 34,87,681 (On)

Fortuner Diesel Top AT

Rs. 32,01,000 (ex)

Rs. 38,03,940 (On)


Rs. 2,69,600 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 3,16,259 (on-road)

The latest Fortuner big-sized off-roader entered India following the arrival of the new generation Ford Endeavour towards the end of last year. Like the Innova Crysta it has lived up to the potential against the rather highly potent Endeavour.

fortuner petrol at long Drive review-20With GST coming into effect, the Fortuner will have more takers thanks to the price cut of Rs. 3,16,259 (on-road) on the high-spec diesel automatic. Throughout the series, the pricing has been decreased by well over Rs. 2.6 lakh.

Toyota Corolla Altis Price After GST

                                           Toyota Corolla Altis Price
POST GST PRE GST Price Difference
Corolla Altis Petrol Base

Rs. 12,98,900 (ex)

Rs. 15,17,379 (On)

Corolla Altis Petrol Base

Rs. 13,85,500 (ex)

Rs. 16,16,321 (On)


Rs. 86,600 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 98,942 (on-road)

Corolla Altis Petrol Top

Rs. 18,67,200 (ex)

Rs. 21,71,398 (On)

Corolla Altis Petrol Top

Rs. 19,91,500 (ex)

Rs. 23,13,097 (On)


Rs. 1,24,300 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 1,41,699 (on-road)

Corolla Altis Diesel Base

Rs. 14,46,600 (ex)

Rs. 17,15,120 (On)

Corolla Altis Diesel Base

Rs. 15,09,000 (ex)

Rs. 17,87,210 (On)


Rs. 62,400 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 72,090 (on-road)

Corolla Altis Diesel Top

Rs. 18,26,600 (ex)

Rs. 21,61,287 (On)

Corolla Altis Diesel Top

Rs. 19,05,000 (ex)

Rs. 22,51,770 (On)


Rs. 78,400 (ex-showroom)

Rs. 90,483 (on-road)

Toyota launched the 2017 Corolla Altis earlier this year with exterior and interior changes. Within a few months of its market entry, it has received welcoming price reduction across the entire range. The base petrol becomes cheaper by nearly one lakh rupees while the top-of-the-range diesel is less expensive by Rs. 90,483 and now costs Rs. 21.61 lakh (on-road).

Toyota Corolla Facelift Launched in Malaysia