Toyota Aims To Offer Over 1,200 Km Range In Its Future EVs


Toyota will use solid electrolytes rather than liquid ones to bring up its solid-state battery lineup by 2028

Toyota is focussing on multiple battery packs for the betterment of its electrification future. The lithium-iron-phosphate Popularisation and lithium-ion Performance are part of the core strategy as the former will aim at being affordable and the latter offering long-range capabilities. The lithium-ion High Performance pack will enable a range of 621 miles and it will act as a replacement to the Performance battery in the brand’s lineup by 2027.

It will be cheaper by 10 per cent according to the Japanese auto major. In a recent interaction, Takero Kato, president of Toyota’s EV development centre admitted the importance of offering battery solutions compatible with different models and buyers’ requirements. Toyota has had a shaky start to its new-age BEV programme courtesy of the bZ4X.

It is investing a hefty sum of money to catch up to its more technologically advanced rivals. By 2030, Toyota plans to sell 35 lakh units of pure electric vehicles and about 17 million vehicles will use the aforementioned batteries. The upcoming range of models utilising these battery packs will boast a new design language and will be more aero-efficient and lighter as well.

2023 toyota prius 1

For improved efficiency, the batteries will be made to be flatter and thus the overall height can be reduced. Compared to the 150 mm battery height in the bZ4X, the next-gen models will have their height reduced by 30 mm. This will, in turn, give rise to performance-based sports models with a lower battery height of 100 mm.

Toyota will use solid electrolytes rather than liquid ones to bring up its solid-state battery lineup by 2028. It will be produced in high volumes and have a range of up to 621 miles, and can be replenished back to 80 per cent from 10 per cent in just 10 minutes using a fast charger. In comparison, the High Performance lithium-ion pack will take up to 20 minutes.

Toyota is also developing a high-spec solid-state battery with a targeted range of over 750 miles. The technology revolution could result in increasing the range big time without making the batteries bigger and heavier. Not too long ago, Toyota showcased 15 EV concepts and the Lexus LFA’s successor could use a solid-state battery too with a unique manual transmission.