Toyota Again Recalls Corolla In India For Faulty Airbags

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Toyota Recalls Corolla Altis In India For the record 3rd time in last 12 months

Japanese manufacturers seem to be living their lives on the edge. Massive recalls cost a lot of money to the manufacturers. Reason? The infamous Takata company is responsible again. Airbags that were made for saving lifes have become life takers. Poor quality airbags in the cars that are made by the Takata company are recognized and recalls are being made. Toyota has done it again with their Corolla Altis in India and this time Toyota recalls for replacing the passenger airbag of the their popular sedan.

Toyota corolla altis recalled
Replace the passenger airbag ASAP after calling your local dealership

Toyota recalls more than 7,100 units of the Corolla that were manufactured between April 2007 and July 2008. The cars sold in this period need to get their defective passenger-side airbags fixed. India is not alone as Takata’s faulty airbags has caused Toyota to recall 2.8 million Corolla’s worldwide!

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Before In the May 2015, Toyota recalled the Corollas that were sold between July 2003 and March 2007. In the November of 2014, Toyota again recalled 5,834 units of the diesel Toyota Corolla that were made between June 2010 and May 2011 to replace the faulty parts that were contributing to the admission of engine oil into the air intake system.

2014 corolla india airbag
Takta Fault Airbags continue to force manufacturers to recall their cars

Other Japanese manufacturers are not spared either as recently Honda and Nissan have done the same in India for their manufacturer couple of years to very recent ones as well. After this, we think this should be the end of recalls in India, but who knows what lies ahead as quality checks and record will keep telling manufacturer which cars have been affected with faulty airbags.

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