Top-End Volvo V40 R-Design Attract More Customers

2017 Volvo V40 R-Design India Launch

Volvo V40 R-Design have received good response among customers and constantly outsold their regular siblings

Volvo has been enjoying boost in sales recently. It is mainly driven by the introduction of several new products in the last year or two. The Swedish manufacturer strengthened its presence in India by modifying its truck assembly facility near Bengaluru to make use for the passenger cars. While it could eventually pay off, Volvo’s existing lineup has the top-end variants of XC90 and V40 being preferred by customers largely.

As a result, the V40 R-Design have constantly outsold the regular base variant. This could be the reason why the soon-launching V90 Cross Country will only be offered in a single top-spec model. Its arrival has long been coming considering the good reception of other Cross Country siblings in the V40 and S60 range.

The Volvo V40 R-Design costs only three lakhs more than the regular D3 Kinetic and it gets several visual treatments to catapult the sportiness of the already low-slung luxury hatchback. Power is derived from the 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine making 150 bhp and 350 Nm, mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.