Top 5 Things to Expect From Upcoming Tata Buzzard (7-Seat Harrier)

tata buzzard 7 seater harrier-1

Tata Buzzard, which is a longer version of the Harrier, has already been spied numerous times and as made its debut in the pre-production format at the last Geneva Motor Show

Most of you would be aware that the Tata Harrier, which is easily the most modern SUV from the homegrown carmaker ever, will spawn a bigger version very soon. The larger sibling has already been spotted testing on Indian roads on many occasions and was even showcased at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, where it debuted with the Buzzard moniker.

The Tata Buzzard is very well India-bound and will be introduced sooner than later. While it was expected to be the logical successor to the Hexa, the company has said that both the models would co-exist. However, one thing that’s for sure is that soon, the upcoming SUV will become the flagship product in the Indian carmaker’s model range. Here are the top 5 things you can expect from the new vehicle –

1. Bigger Cabin with 7-seater Layout

Of course, one thing that has always been a given is that the Tata Buzzard would be larger than the Harrier. The increased dimensions will not only result into a bigger footprint but will also help the carmaker offer a 7-seater layout for the cabin. So, basically, the increased dimensions would lead to a roomer cabin and an extra row of seats.

Tata Harrier 7 Seater layout (buzzard)

While we are yet to see the Buzzard parked alongside a Harrier, the former does look substantially bigger than the latter if you consider the numbers. The bigger sibling has the same wheelbase and width as that of the donor model. However, the 7-seater SUV measures 4,661 mm, which makes it 63 mm longer. It’s also 80 mm taller.

2. More Powerful Engine with Independent Rear Suspension and AWD

The Tata Buzzard will be underpinned by the same OMEAG platform that forms the base of the Harrier. In fact, the SUV will even get the 2.0-litre Kryotec engine. However, the motor will be re-tuned to make up for the increased weight of the new vehicle.

For the Harrier, the Fiat-sourced 2.0-litre engine offer 140 PS and 350 Nm. On the Buzzard, however, the engine will output 170 bhp. Also, the updated motor will be promoted with the ‘Kryotec170’ branding. Also, it is expected that the upcoming flagship offering would be sold with an optional AWD system.

tata harrier 7 seater buzzard-2

It is being said that the homegrown carmaker realizes that there’s a clear demand for mid-size SUVs that are sufficiently capable of the road. This is exactly where the Buzzard will try to fill in the shoes of the Safari 4×4. Also, to enhance the off-roading prowess, the company will equip the Buzzard with an all-independent rear suspension.

3. Will be available with an automatic transmission option

So far, the Tata Harrier has been available only with a 6-speed manual transmission. However, the Buzzard will be sold with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard and a 6-speed automatic transmission as optional. Earlier, it was speculated that the Buzzard would get the same ZF-sourced 9-speed transmission that is found on the top-spec Compass Trailhawk.

However, It was later confirmed that the automatic transmission for the new SUV will come from Hyundai and would be a torque-converter unit. It was also speculated until the official unveiling of the pre-production Buzzard at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show that the new model would be sold with a rotary gear selector as well as an electronic parking brake.

tata buzzard 1

Unfortunately, however, it was revealed by the show car at Geneva that the Buzzard gets the same transmission lever and the stylish aircraft-type handbrake lever as the Harrier. This is in line with the mass-scale parts sharing between the cabins of the two SUVs.

4. Similar Front Design But Exclusive Rear-end

The Tata Buzzard will become the third all-new model, after the Harrier and the Altroz, to be designed as per the company’s IMPACT 2.0 design language. Also, it is worth mentioning here that the new model would look exactly like the Harrier till its C-pillar.

It will share almost all the panels till this point, which means it would look exactly like the Harrier when seen from the front. However, the rear will be completely different as the new model will have a larger rear quarter glass, a new set of wrap-around tail lamps, a new bumper, a new boot lid, and a larger rear windscreen.

tata harrier 7 seater buzzard-1

Also, the company will make sure there is a clear distinction in the appearance of the two models by offering the Buzzard with some new colour options. One of the new colour shades was seen at Geneva, as the pre-production version shown there was in a shade of light blue. Also, the Buzzard will also have an electric sunroof, which will further help it look a bit different from the Harrier.

5. Launch and Price

The Tata Buzzard is expected to be around a lakh rupees costlier than the Harrier. Currently, the company’s latest 5-seater mid-size SUV is available in a price range of Rs 12.99-16.95 lakh (ex-showroom), which means the Buzzard could be sold at a staring price of Rs 14 lakh.

tata buzzard 7 seater harrier-2

The availability of AWD and automatic option and AWD could push the cost of the fully loaded version to the Rs 20 lakh mark. The launch of the Buzzard is expected to take place in February 2020, which means it could be introduced soon after the debut of the Tata Altroz.