Top 5 Sedans With Best Resale Value In India – Maruti Dzire To Honda City

Maruti Dzire To Honda City

Even though SUVs are rising in popularity, sedans remain the choice of 40,000 new car buyers every month in India

The three-box design of the sedans makes them extremely popular, especially for long-distance journeys. Also, sedans are known for their classy designs and are preferred the choice of many buyers over the other body style in the Indian market. Sedans have been around for a long while in the Indian market now, and there are many popular choices to choose from. However, there are a few sedans that offer outstanding value for money and good resale value.

These sedans can retain a majority portion of the original price even after years of use in the market due to their brand value. Of course, things like the condition of the car, fuel used, age of the vehicle, colour, accessories and a lot of things directly affect the resale value of the vehicle in the market. However, the brand value is an essential attribute in determining the resale value of a vehicle. Here are five sedans that offer a high resale value in India.

1. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Maruti Suzuki launched the third-generation Dzire in the Indian market in 2017, which became the best-selling car in India for a few months too. This shows the popularity of the Dzire in the market. The sub-4m compact sedan from Maruti Suzuki is an extremely popular option among the taxi fleet owners as it is quite reliable and has a low maintenance cost. Also, the service network of the brand in every corner of the country makes it one of the most practical choices in the segment.

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The Dzire is in high demand in the used car market by taxi fleet owners and private buyers too, which makes it a high-in-demand vehicle and keeps its resale value high in the market. Maruti also sells the Dzire Tour variant, which is a low-cost, minimal feature version of the car only for the cab fleet owners.

2. Honda City

The Honda City is on sale in the Indian market for more than 20 years now. It has gone several generation updates over the years, and car retained the top spot on the sales chart for quite a long time too. The Honda City has a brand value of its own and regarded as a “sophisticated” choice by society.

honda city forget the toys-1Along with the current generation version, the previous-generation models of the Honda City are quite high in demand too, especially by the petrolheads who use for modifications. Due to its high demand in the market, the used Honda City price remains high in the car market.

3. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz was shifted to the Nexa dealership network of the brand after the facelifted version of the car was launched in the market. The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz was one of the first cars in the affordable segment to offer a mild-hybrid system with the diesel engine. It returns a high fuel efficiency and looks very premium. With the Maruti Suzuki brand name on its grille, the Ciaz remains high in demand in the new car market as well as the used car market.

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The Maruti Ciaz looks very premium and offers heaps of space too, which makes it a choice of practical car buyers. It currently offers the 1.5-litre all-new diesel engine, 1.5-litre all-new petrol engine and 1.3-litre diesel engine. Maruti Suzuki also offers an automatic transmission with the petrol engine option of the car.

4. Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios did not become as popular as Toyota would have liked in the Indian market, but it remains one of the first choices of the cab fleet owners in India. With Innova’s success in the taxi fleet, the Etios also becomes a reliable choice for the taxi owners. The Toyota Etios holds its value in the second-hand car market, just like all other Toyota cars.

5. Hyundai Verna

2017 hyundai verna

The Hyundai Verna is a powerful option in the segment and over the years, the design of the mid-size sedan from South Korean manufacturer has only become better. The Hyundai Verna is popular for its powerful petrol and diesel engine options and a long list of features. Being a Hyundai, the car enjoys a lot of brand value. It is also quite popular in the new car market and has a genuine demand in the used car market too.