Top 5 Electric Two-wheelers With Highest Range On Single Charge

revolt rv400 electric motorcycle 4

Looking to buy an electric two-wheeler with a battery range that can take you places? Read here to find your perfect buy

The EV infrastructure in India is still in a nascent stage. And with such a weak electric vehicle ecosystem, the overall ownership experience can be jarring. At least when you run out of charge in the middle of your journey. To avoid getting stranded in a country where finding a charging station in a radius of 10 km is tedious, we need vehicles with a long battery range.

Thankfully, to overcome the buyers’ range anxiety, there are a few options in the Indian 2-wheeler market that can take you places without running out of charge. So here’s a list of 5 electric two-wheelers in the country that have the longest battery range. Until we have a strong network of charging stations in the nation, you can manage to live with one of these.

1. Revolt RV 300

Holding the top spot in this list is the Revolt RV 300. Powered by a 2.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Revolt RV 300 has a range of 180 km. However, extracting this figure requires the electric motorcycle to be used in Eco mode.

Also, the Revolt RV 300 comes with a swappable battery pack. In fact, it is tough to figure out that RV 300 is an electric motorcycle, thanks to the way it looks. Another interesting bit here is the option of fake exhaust notes. Pricing for the RV 300 starts at Rs. 1.10 lakh and it can be had via a monthly subscription plan as well.

Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle 3

2. Odysse Hawk Plus

Making the Odysse Hawk Plus join this list is its range of 170 km. It is indeed quite high. Odysse is a new entrant in the Indian market and has a small dealership network as of now. Currently, the brand’s line-up comprises of four products only, including the Hawk Plus.

While the name sounds a little finicky, the Hawk Plus has a charging time of only 4 hours to juice up the battery from 0 to 100 percent. The powertrain comprises of a 1.8 kW electric motor that aids the scooter with a top speed of 45 kmph. It even gets the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile charger.

3. Hero Electric Nyx Hx

Hero Electric Nyx Hx is a long name for an electric scooter, but it also offers a long battery range of 165 km on one full charge. Launched in the country in November last year, the Nyx Hx looks purposeful from all angles. We meant pragmatic, though. The floorboard on this electric scooter is large, and so is its pillion seat.

Also, the user can fold it up to load luggage. The Nyx Hx uses a dual battery setup with a combined output of 51.2 V/30 Ah. Sadly, the top speed is limited to 42 kmph on the Nyx Hx, but it is rather affordable with a price of Rs. 64,640 (ex-showroom).

Hero Electric Hyx Nx Side View

4. Okinawa i-Praise

With a strong sales network, Okinawa is present in the Indian EV market since long. The brand currently sells a total of 5 electric scooters in the Indian market. Out of all, it is the i-Praise that has the longest battery range.

It travels around 139 km on a full charge before the 3.3 kWh lithium-ion battery runs out of juice. The battery sends power to a BLDC motor, which boasts of a peak power output of 2.5 kW. The i-Praise retails at 1.09 lakh (ex-showroom). And to suffice its high price tag, the i-Praise comes loaded with a slew of features, like front disc brakes, alloy wheels and more.

5. Benling Aura

Looking quite like a distant cousin of the Piaggio Vespa, the Benling Aura looks chic. Being a fairly new brand, the Benling is trying hard to win the race. The manufacturer has the Aura listed here for its long battery range of 120 km in Eco mode.

The Aura sources power from a lithium-ion battery pack, and it uses a 2.5kW BLDC motor with a top speed of 60 kmph. Talking of the prices, the Benling Aura starts at Rs. 93,200, ex-showroom. Also, one can choose between three colour options – Matt Black, Matt Plum Purple, and Glossy Blue.