For Range Anxiety Buyers: Top 5 Electric Cars Promising 320+ KM Range On Single Charge

Nissan Vmotion 2.0 Electric Sedan Concept 1

A number of factors help determine the battery range of an electric vehicle including speed, temperature, terrain and acceleration

People still hesitate to but an EV vehicle for many reasons but one of the main factors definitely is the short range that EV vehicle provides. Many buyers still suffer from the fear that if they take their EV for long distance rides and if the battery charge gets depleted they will remain stranded on the side of the road.

This particular situation has also received a name called ‘range anxiety‘. So before buying an electric vehicle what the customers look for is how many kilometres their EV can travel in a single charge. According to the reports by the U.S. Department of Transportation, an American drives their vehicle about 40 miles or 65 kilometres daily on an average.

Most of the EVs available in the year 2018 can provide a range between 160-210 kilometres on a full charge. What is even more fascinating is also the fact that some electric vehicles come with even range upwards 320 km on a single charge.

There are several other factors which also contribute to the EV’s range in a real-world situation including Speed, temperature, accessory use, wind resistance, and terrain. Unlike cars which use fossil fuels, electric vehicles need more power when you press the accelerator.

This happens mostly in the highways where speed limits are considerably higher. Besides, that sudden acceleration and braking can also reduce battery charge. If the outside temperature is cold or below freezing point then that could also take a toll on cars battery performance as well.

According to research, an EV vehicles range can differ accordingly to the climatic condition. If the person driving the car uses his cars accessories like air conditioner, infotainment system or even heater then more than normal users it could also affect the cars overall range. Unlike conventional petrol or diesel cars, Electric vehicles consume more energy when they are overcoming wind resistance.

Lastly, the kind of terrain that an electric vehicle is driven on also determines the cars electric range. If an electric vehicle is driven uphill then it will obviously consume more battery charge compared to the car driven downhill. Keeping all those factors aside below provided is the list of 5 top electric car cars which promises to return a healthy and acceptable range on a fully charged battery pack.

1. Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf ev india

The updated 2018 Nissan Leaf model which is currently on sale in many International markets and will most probably be launched in India sometime next year has a range of 151 miles (243 km). According to Nissan, the new Leaf EV has almost 50 per cent more range than the last year’s model which had a range of 107 miles or 172 km to be exact.

2. Chevrolet Bolt EV


Chevrolet subcompact hatchback Bolt’s electric variant has a range of about 238 miles (383 km). What is even more interesting is also the fact that the Bolt EV also gets a “one pedal” mode similar to the ones you find in some class leading Electric vehicles. This pedal helps in the cars regenerative braking system which actually slows down the car when the foot is lifted from the accelerator cable.

3. Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X 2

Although this is the least efficient model of the Tesla lineup still the vehicle manages to return a range of about 238-289 miles (383-384 km) to be exact. This is quite impressive keeping in mind the fact that Tesla Model X is a Crossover and also gets a four-wheel drive system with it.

4. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 which recently earned the tag of being one of the safest vehicles on the road which money can buy returns about 310 miles (498 Kilometers) range in a single charge. This is quite a practical range for an EV and almost equivalent to any petrol or diesel cars range.

5. Tesla Model S

Lastly, the Model S is perhaps the most range efficient vehicle in the EV segment. The Model S promises to return an unbelievable 335 Miles (539 kilometres) on a full charge. To make things more affordable Tesla offers two separate battery packs while the less expensive model offers 249 Miles (400 Kilometer) range the bigger and more expensive top of the line battery pack offers a class-leading range 335 miles.