Top 5 Customised Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorcycles


Royal Enfield motorcycles are extremely popular among the modifying garages in India and abroad, here are top 5 customised Himalayan’s across the globe

The Royal Enfield motorcycles are the most preferred brand of bikes by the modifying garages. There are numerous modifications based on the Royal Enfield motorcycles, especially the Classic and the Bullet range. However, the Himalayan, which is the first adventure bike from the brand, provides a different looking platform altogether.

Since the Himalayan’s structure is entirely different from that of the Classic range and the Bullet range, the modification jobs based on the bike are completely different. Here are the top five modification jobs based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan from India and abroad.

1. MJR Roach

Royal Enfield officially showcased the MJR Roach at the 2019 Bike Shed Show, and it is the most powerful Himalayan in the world. Even though the power figures of the bike are not known officially yet, the engine gets turbocharged air, which makes it much more powerful than the stock bike.

MJR Roach re himalayan-1

The bike is very beautifully modified and gets a forged aluminium single-sided swingarm with an enormous rear tyre. The bike also gets four projector headlamps beautifully stacked at the front, but the main upgrade that it gets is the addition of the Garret turbocharger.

2. Scrambler

Royal Enfield now officially sells the scrambler version of the Classic series. Here is a scrambler based on the Himalayan. To get the final result, the chassis of the bike has been altered but not by much. It gets quite a few new parts, and all of them are custom made. The tank of the bike is unique, and the side panels of the bike are also new. It gets a handmade leather seat that makes the bike look great and feels very plush.


At the front, it gets a twin headlamp set-up and a new instrument cluster. The bikes indicators have been repositioned too. The engine remains stock, but an aftermarket exhaust has been added to the bike. It also gets aftermarket tyres on new rims.

3. SG-411

The modification job was done in Bali, Indonesia, by Smoked Garage. The bike is now called SG-411, which is to invoke the military feel. The whole body of the Himalayan now gets customised panels that are inspired by a stealth jet fighter. At the front, it gets an aftermarket headlamp set-up with LED lamps. It indeed looks like a fighter jet. The headlamp itself is shaped like the face of a transformer robot. The tank now gets a panel that extends to the end of the bike.


The front and rear mudguards have been removed, and it gets bigger and wider tyres on aftermarket rims. The front suspension is upgraded to a 43mm upside down Show shockers while the rear gets a monoshock from Ohlins. There is a little slot behind the tank that shows the newly mounted rear shock absorbers. The engine remains in stock condition, but it now gets an aftermarket free-flow exhaust. Also, the front tyre gets 4-piston disc brake set-up from Nissin.

4. Wilder

Made by Bangalore-based Bulleteer Customs, this Himalayan has been given a true-blue hardcore off-road treatment. The bike gets several changes, including a new LED projector with a new guard grille. The front suspension gives way to Upside Down type fork. The Wilder also receives a single leather-wrapped seat while the rear parcel tray has been modified for a luggage rack. The Royal Enfield Himalayan Wilder modification looks like a tracker bike now, and it gets competition number plate mounted on the rear frame.


Further adding to the looks are 17-inch wire-spoke rims with knobby off-road tyres. It also gets a free-flow exhaust system. The handlebar gets Acerbis handguard that gives additional protection to the rider.

5. Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is made by Kerala-based Grid7 customs and looks extremely good and unorthodox. The front beak of the bike has been removed to add a sleek look while a new headlamp has also been added. The front fender of the bike is now cut short. The original instrument cluster has been repositioned on the handlebar to give a clean look.

Customised Royal Enfield Himalayan 2

The engine of the bike remains in stock condition but it gets a very sophisticated one-into-two customised exhaust, and the tips sit just under the seat of the bike. The tyres have been upgraded to 18-inch front and 17-inch rear. A new military green shade has been added to the bike, which makes it look exceptional.