Top 5 Changes On RE Scram 411 In Comparison To RE Himalayan

Upcoming Road biased Royal Enfield Himalayan

Wondering, how different will be the upcoming Royal Enfield Scram 411 from the Himalayan? Here’s all that you should know

By now, pictures have surfaced on the internet, and the world knows that Royal Enfield is developing a scrambler-style version of the Himalayan – Royal Enfield Scram 411. It will be based on the Himalayan platform and will also source the same powertrain. While the Indian audience seems to be excited about it, Royal Enfield is tight-lipped about the motorcycle.

Nevertheless, the Royal Enfield Scram 411 will feature a lot of changes when compared with the Himalayan. To differentiate it from the Himalayan, the Chennai-based manufacturer will use the new name ‘Scram 411’ for the upcoming motorcycle. Here’s a list of the top 5 changes that set apart the Scram 411 from the Himalayan.

1. 19-inch Front Wheel

The Scram 411 in the pictures is visible with a smaller 19-inch wheel on the front, unlike the Himalayan, which comes with a larger 21-inch unit. Royal Enfield is continuing with the 18-inch unit at the rear. The Scram 411 will use spoke wheels for better off-road capabilities, but the manufacturer will give the option of alloys as an accessory.

royal enfield meteor 350 instrument cluster


2. Updated Instrument Cluster

The clocks on the Royal Enfield Scram 411 are likely to be borrowed from the Meteor 350. Hence, the Scram 411 will miss out on a compass on board. It will get all the tell-tale lights and a Tripper navigation pod, nonetheless.

3. Redesigned Body Panels

The upcoming Scram 411 will also miss out on a front windscreen, and the headlamp will be fixed on the triple-top itself. The headlamp frame seen on the Himalayan will be absent here. A set of plastic panels is what it will get, instead. The redesigned side panels will have a different appeal than the Himalayan’s, as they will feature small air vents.

Upcoming Road biased Royal Enfield Himalayan

4. Single-piece Seat

The saddle on the Himalayan is a two-piece unit. The Scram 411, on other hand, can be seen with a single-piece seat. Aesthetically, it looks better on a scrambler-type motorcycle, and it also aids the rider with more leverage to move around.

5. No Luggage Rack

A single-piece grab handle is what the Scram 411 will come with. In comparison, the Himalayan gets a full-fledged luggage rack integrated into the grab rails. What this means is, the owners will have to opt for aftermarket luggage-mounting options for the Scram 411.