Top 5 Cars That Were Discontinued In India In Last 5 Years

Maruti Gypsy modified front angle

Check out our list of top five cars that were discontinued in India in the past half-decade, some of which we wish had stayed in production

Over the years, we’ve seen many cars come and go in the Indian market. While a few of such vehicles left us teary-eyed when they left, others barely left an impact when they were axed. Some cars were discontinued due to poor sales, some due to the arrival of a new/better model, and some simply due to business decisions by their respective manufacturers.

Here, we take a look at the top five vehicles that were discontinued in the Indian market in the last five years.

1. Toyota Corolla Altis

corolla Altis

It may be the highest-selling vehicle of all time in the world, but Toyota Corolla was always a low volume product in India. The Corolla was introduced in India back in February 2003, and in September 2008, it became the Corolla Altis. Sadly, the saloon was discontinued in the Indian market in April 2020, due to poor sales performance.

2. Honda Civic

2019 honda civic first drive review india gaadiwaadi-1-4

Honda first introduced the Civic in the Indian market back in July 2006, but in August 2012, it was discontinued. Interestingly, the Japanese carmaker re-introduced the Civic in our market in March 2019, but it wasn’t the enthusiast’s delight everyone had hoped it would be (no petrol manual? C’mon Honda!). In December 2020, the Civic was discontinued once again, after Honda closed its Greater Noida plant.

3. Maruti Gypsy

maruti Gypsy-1

Maruti Suzuki launched the Gypsy in India back in December 1985, and the vehicle enjoyed a cult-like following among auto enthusiasts and rally drivers. In March 2019, the vehicle was discontinued in the Indian market due to the then-upcoming safety norms. However, in 2020, Maruti re-started dispatch of the Gypsy, following a special order placed by the Indian army.

4. Maruti Ritz


Not all Maruti Suzuki vehicles gain massive popularity among Indian buyers, and the Ritz was a prime example of that. Launched back in May 2009, the Ritz was a spacious, affordable, and frugal-to-run car, but it never managed to achieve the sales numbers that the manufacturer hoped it would. It was discontinued in February 2017, with Maruti Ignis as its spiritual successor in the Indian market.

5. Maruti Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Maruti Alto is one of the most popular vehicles in India, thanks to its extreme affordability and ease of ownership. It was first introduced in our market back in August 2010, and in April 2020, it was discontinued, reportedly to allow more breathing room to the S-Presso.