Top 20 Bestselling Car Brands of 2016

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In the top 20 bestselling car brands of 2016 global list, India’s leading automaker Suzuki is positioned three places behind Hyundai at ninth

The latest JATO report showcases the largest selling car companies based on their volumes in 2016. The Japanese auto giant, Toyota, heads their list as a total of 72,47,524 units were sold across the globe at an increase of 2.7 percent over the previous year. Volkswagen is its closest competitor as 61,11,197 examples were retailed at a growth of 2.8 percent.

Volkswagen AG might be the biggest on the planet but considering individual brands it is only second to Toyota according to JATO. Third comes Ford as 58,56,498 of its vehicles were delivered worldwide in 2016. Honda stays at fourth with total sales of 46,59,737 but it had endured a highly appreciable 7.6 percent surge.

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Top 20 Bestselling Car Brands of 2016 Number of Units Sold
1.       Toyota 72,47,524
2.       Volkswagen 61,11,197
3.       Ford 58,56,498
4.       Honda 46,59,737
5.       Nissan 45,01,516
6.       Hyundai 41,56,589
7.       Chevrolet 38,19,147
8.       Kia 26,98,718
9.       Suzuki 24,11,334
10.   Mercedes 20,37,373
11.   BMW 19,42,935
12.   Audi 18,39,034
13.   Renault 17,93,908
14.   Buick 14,29,679
15.   Mazda 14,26,944
16.   Jeep 13,95,103
17.   Peugeot 13,74,656
18.   Wuling 13,46,977
19.   Fiat 12,28,346
20.   Skoda 11,05,918

Nissan slots in behind its fellow Japanese compatriot with 45,01,516 units but its global alliance partner Renault is outside the top ten at thirteenth position. Hyundai, the largest exporter of passenger cars from India, is placed sixth ahead of Chevrolet and its Korean subsidiary Kia.

Kia could find itself moving up the order when it assures a strong foothold in India as its operations are likely to begin in the next two or three years. Suzuki, which occupies almost half of the share in our domestic market with Maruti, lies ninth globally with 24,11,334 units ahead of the leading luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz.

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Behind Mercedes-Benz, which also is the highest seller in India, BMW and Audi make a significant presence in the global bestselling chart. Peugeot has recent signed a deal with CK Birla group to re-enter the domestic market and that could help its volume aspirations by a large amount in the near future.

It stays at seventeenth just behind the Jeep SUV brand that entered our shores last year and is banking big on the upcoming Compass. Down at the bottom, Fiat and Skoda managed 12,28,346 and 11,05,918 units respectively. Except Kia, all other manufacturers in the top ten are selling cars in India and it goes on to explain why Hyundai is pushing hard to bring it up here.

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Despite being at seventh, Chevy is sort of losing its way in our market and let us hope the forthcoming products based on the new-gen Beat could steady its ship. The aftermath of emission cheating scandal leads Volkswagen to focus on the electric mobility solutions sooner than anticipated and moreover it will have a huge impact on the powertrains and technologies its group brands will offer.