Top 10 Two-Wheelers In April 2021 – Splendor, Activa, Shine, Pulsar, Apache

bajaj pulsar5

Hero Splendor was the most sold two-wheeler in the country in the month of April 2021 with 1,93,508 units and 34.63 per cent MoM growth

The two-wheeler sales in the domestic market for the month of April 2021 stood at 8,65,134 units as against 11,95,445 units during the previous month of March 2021 with a huge volume decline of 27.6 per cent. With the resurgence of the second wave of the health crisis, the drop in sales numbers is understandable considering that most parts of the country have been imposed with new restrictions.

Last month, the Hero Splendor finished on top of the sales charts as the most sold model as 1,93,508 units were recorded against 1,43,736 units in the previous month with a massive sales increase of 34.63 per cent. The Honda Activa ended up as the second most sold two-wheeler in India in April 2021 as 1,09,678 units were registered.

This when compared to the previous month of March 2021, a Month-on-Month sales de-growth of 4.43 per cent was seen. The CB Shine slotted in at third position with 79,416 units last month as against 86,633 units with an 8.33 per cent sales drop. The Hero HF Deluxe commuter motorcycle endured a total despatch of 71,294 units.

Top 10 Two-Wheelers (MoM) April 2021 Sales March 2021 Sales
1. Hero Splendor (34.63%) 1,93,508 1,43,736
2. Honda Activa (-4.43%) 1,09,678 1,14,757
3. Honda CB Shine (-8.33%) 79,416 86,633
4. Hero HF Deluxe  (-37.99%) 71,294 1,14,969
5. Bajaj Pulsar (29.41%) 66,586 51,454
6. Suzuki Access (101.26%) 53,285 26,476
7. Bajaj Platina (66.79%) 35,467 21,264
8. TVS Apache (35.35%) 29,458 21,764
9. TVS XL100 (-20.82%) 25,977 32,808
10. TVS Jupiter (21.76%) 25,570 21,001

In comparison to March 2021 when 1,14,969 units were recorded, an MoM drop close to 38 per cent was encountered. The Bajaj Pulsar finished in the fifth position with 66,586 units in April 2021 as against 51,454 units during the same period the previous month with a healthy volume growth of 29.41 per cent.

In the second half of the table, the Suzuki Access 125 was positioned in sixth with 53,285 units as against 26,476 units in March 2021 with 101.26 per cent growth. It was the biggest gainer in sales in the top ten. The Bajaj Platina entry-level commuter motorcycle posted 35,467 units as against 21,264 units with a 66.79 per cent increase in volumes.

2021 TVS Apache RTR160 4V

The TVS Apache slotted in at eighth with 29,458 units as against 21,764 units with 35.35 per cent volume growth. The XL100 ended up in the ninth position with 25,977 units as against 32,808 units with a 20.82 per cent volume decline while the TVS Jupiter rounded out the top ten with 25,570 units and a growth of 21.76 per cent.