Top 10 Selling Two Wheelers In September 2015 – Sales Analysis

top 10 selling two wheelers in india

In Top 10 Selling Two Wheelers In September 2015 list, Splendor climbed back to the no.1 position and maintains the gap with Activa by 13,806 units.

It is some time months back, there was a new kind of war breeding. Who thought two partners since 2.5 decades could turn into hardcore rivals. One is known for fill it shut it forget it, other is a scooter, which came to the Indian industry again after the original scooter maker exited.

Splendor and Activa is a war like Pulsar vs Karizma. The latter is for performance while the other one is for volumes. Splendor gives more mileage, but times have changed people prefer easier things to commute as premium. Hence the war has got higher thanks to rural and urban divide.

honda activa 110 3g

All these months Activa was ruling the chart with around 2.5 lakh scooter every month, However Splendor has climbed back with 13,806 units. After this war, it’s all Hero, which is ruling the chart by a huge margin. Passion and HF Deluxe are on the list. Both these bikes, Passion and HF Deluxe sell one lakh units every month.

Top 10 Selling two wheelers in september 2015 in india

While Passion sales come from Tier II and Tier I cities, the HF Deluxe is the rural king. There is reason behind Hero being number one motorcycle maker and this chart like other charts always show the same.

honda shine vs yamaha saluto 125cc shootout

Then comes CB Shine, the number one selling 125cc bike, which is not far nowadays as Hero started selling Glamour back again and is 14,000 unit odd behind. Motorcycle maker Bajaj is on the list with its CT 100 and Pulsar capturing 6 and 7 position, as it clocks continues 50,000 odd units every month since a very long time.

honda dream yuga

If there is another warm, which people fail to notice when it comes to scooter and motorcycle, it is the Dream series of motorcycles vs TVS Jupiter. Both are fighting for position and TVS continues to stay ahead since last couple of months. Jupiter is at the top 48,866 units and Dream is slightly behind 47,861. Dream series isn’t do as thought as it way far behind of the Bajaj motorcycles as well and no where near the Hero motorcycles either.

Overall, everybody seems to be getting what they want, as all major manufacturers are in the list. However, thirst for more stays and as the festive is season is finally here, this months sales result will show what’s preferred choice of the customer.

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