Top 10 Selling 2-Wheelers In January 2020 – Activa Beats Hero Splendor

honda activa 6G-4

Honda Activa has once again received the crown of top-selling two-wheeler in January 2020 as its sales soared by 10.05 per cent, Hero Splendor took the second spot

As the effect of prolonged sales slowdown refuses to wear off, most models in our list of 10 best-selling two-wheelers in January 2020 have posted negative growth. Cumulative sales dropped by 5.17 per cent to 10,15,157 units from 10,70,550 units in January 2019. However, going by the market trends, sales would start picking up by the advent of the next financial year.

The Honda Activa took the top spot after regaining the numero uno status from Hero Splendor after a couple of months. It registered a sale of 2,34,749 units, which is an improvement of 10.05 per cent from 2,13,302 in the first month of last year.

Hero Splendor, which is a regular recipient of the crown of best-selling two-wheeler in the country, took the second spot with a sale of 2,23,900 units, which is a marginal decline from 2,22,578 units sold last month.

Model January 2020 January 2019
1. Honda Activa 2,34,749 2,13,302
2. Hero Splendor 2,23,900 2,22,578
3. Hero HF Deluxe 1,91,875 1,95,706
4. Bajaj Pulsar 68,354 85,099
5. Honda CB Shine 66,832 86,616
6. Suzuki Access 54,595 54,524
7. TVS XL Super 52,525 72,593
8. Bajaj CT100 42,497 46,547
9. Royal Enfield Classic 350 40,834 46,321
10. Hero Glamour 40,318 45,933

The Hero HF Deluxe took the third spot with a sale of 1,91,875 units, which is a minor 1.96 per cent drop from 1,95,706 units sold in January 2019. Sales of Bajaj Pulsar range took quite a blow as they fell by 19.68 per cent from 85,099 units to 68,354 units. Honda CB Shine saw a decline of 22.84 per cent as sales dwindled from 86,616 units to 66,832 units.

Bajaj Pulsar Series

Suzuki Access registered a flat growth as its sales suffered a negligible setback with them dropping by 0.13 per cent from 54,524 units to 54,595 units. TVS XL Super registered a sale of 52,525 units as its sales fell by 20,068 units from 72,593 units in the first month of last year. Next place goes to Bajaj CT100, which reported a sales decline of 8.70 per cent from 46,547 units in January 2019 to 42,497 units last month.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is positioned at the ninth spot with a sale of 40,834 units. Its sales have fallen by 5,615 units from 46,321 units in the first month of last year to 40,834 units last month. Finally, sales of Hero Glamour declined by 5.17 per cent from 45,933 units in the first month of last year to 40,318 units in January 2020.