Top 10 New Features In New Tata Harrier Facelift

Uncover the outstanding upgrades in the Tata Harrier Facelift! From eye-catchy design features to enhanced safety, delve into the top 10 changes on this SUV.

Tata Motors has unveiled the eagerly awaited Harrier facelift, showcasing a blend of sleek design and cutting-edge features that elevate the premium factor. This upgraded SUV offers an array of enhancements, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a blend of style, performance, and modern features.

Here, we’ll explore the top 10 impressive features the new Tata Harrier facelift gets over its predecessor:

1. Connected End-to-end LED DRL & Taillamp

The most striking and notable features of the new Harrier are the connected LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and taillamps. The SUV now boasts a design that is not only visually appealing but also enhances its on-road visibility, making it more noticeable and safer.


2. New 19-inch Alloy Wheels

Complementing the aesthetics and performance, the Tata Harrier facelift features brand-new 19-inch alloy wheels. These wheels enhance the SUV’s stance, making it more muscular and imposing. They likely provide improved road grip and better handling too, but you’ll have to wait for our review to know for sure!

3. Touch-based Central Control Panel

Stepping into the future, the new Harrier incorporates a futuristic touch-based central control panel. This interface allows seamless access to various functions and controls, providing a modern, premium and convenient driving experience.

tata harrier facelift-13

4. Premium Short Gear Selector with Paddle Shifters (AT only)

The Tata Harrier facelift automatic introduces a short knob gear selector, which looks absolutely magnificent. It also gets steering-mounted paddle shifters. This setup promises a more engaging and responsive drive.

5. Four-Spoke Steering Wheel with Illuminated Logo

Adding a touch of elegance, the SUV comes equipped with a new four-spoke steering wheel adorned with an illuminated Tata logo. This design feature amplifies the interior aesthetics and adds a sense of sophistication to every drive.

tata harrier facelift-14

6. A 10.25-inch Fully Digital Instrument Console

To catch the fancy of tech-savvy buyers, the Harrier now gets a 10.25-inch fully digital TFT instrument console. This high-resolution display provides crucial vehicle information in a clear and easily accessible manner, and it can even display the navigation.

7. A 12.3-inch Infotainment Touchscreen

The facelifted Harrier is equipped with a larger 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. The system supports various connectivity options, offering an immersive multimedia experience for all occupants, and over 250 voice commands in 6 languages, thanks to Alexa connectivity.


8. Mood Lighting on Sunroof Liner

Enhancing the interior ambience, the SUV incorporates mood lighting on the sunroof liner. This is a unique feature in this segment, and it helps level up the Harrier’s premium character.

9. Updated ADAS features

Safety takes a leap forward in the facelifted Tata Harrier with an updated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) suite. Now including Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist, the SUV offers an additional layer of safety and convenience, making driving more secure and comfortable.

tata harrier facelift-15

10. Power Tailgate with Gesture Control

Making life easier, the new Harrier offers a handsfree power tailgate. With a simple foot gesture, the boot can be opened or closed, streamlining the process of loading and unloading cargo and adding to the SUV’s overall convenience.