Top 10 Most Sold Scooters In July 2020 – Activa, Jupiter, Access, Ntorq

BS6 Hero Pleasure Plus Vs Honda Activa 6G-1-2

Honda Activa continued to lead the way with 1,18,859 units but it endured a massive YoY de-growth of 51.2 per cent

In July 2019, the cumulative domestic scooter sales stood at 3,07,962 units as against 4,76,061 units during the same period last year with Year-on-Year volume de-growth of 35.3 per cent. Honda’s Activa continued to head the scooter standings but it endured a huge drop in sales too.

Since it is a major contributor to the total volume, it explains why the sales slump was at 35.3 per cent. Last month, Honda dispatched a total of 1,18,859 units as against 2,43,604 units during the corresponding period in 2019 with 51.2 per cent sales de-growth. The Access took a big hit in sales as well, just as the Activa.

The Japanese 125 cc scooter ended up in fourth position with 23,171 units as against 51,498 units 55 per cent negative sales growth. TVS Motor Company’s Jupiter series performed well last month as nearly 49,000 units were recorded against 57,731 units during the same period in 2019 with just 15.1 per cent volume drop.

Model (YoY%) July 2020 July 2019
1. Honda Activa (-51.2%) 1,18,859 2,43,604
2. TVS Jupiter(-15.1%) 48,995 57,731
3. Honda Dio (-1%) 37,233 37,622
4. Suzuki Access (-55%) 23,171 51,498
5. TVS Ntorq (-29.7%)  16,404 23,335
6. Hero Pleasure (-7.6%) 16,290 17,629
7. Hero Destini (18.1%)  13,184 11,158
8. Yamaha Ray (29.7%) 12,032 9,272
9. Yamaha Fascino (-10.7%) 11,584 12,984
10. TVS Scooty Pep+ (-9%) 10,210 11,228

The Dio slotted in at third with 37,233 units as against 37,622 units with nearly flat growth while the Ntorq 125 scooter posted 16,404 units last month to finish just behind Access. The Ntorq registered 23,335 units in July 2019 leading to a sales drop of 29.7 per cent. To its credit, Hero had two scooters in the top ten sales table.

One was the long-serving Pleasure as it registered 7.6 per cent volume de-growth with 16,290 units as against 17,629 units in July 2019. The Destini finished seventh with 18.1 per cent sales increase as 13,184 units were sold as against 11,158 units during the same period in 2019.

2020 yamaha fascino-3

Yamaha’s Ray garnered a total of 12,032 units last month as against 9,272 units during the same period in 2019 with nearly 30 per cent volume increase. The Fascino scooter posted 11,584 units in the domestic market in July 2020 as against 12,984 units in July 2019 with 10.7 per cent sales decline.

The Scooty Pep+ rounded out the top ten with 10,210 units as against 11,228 units with 9 per cent de-growth. As the festive season is fast approaching, the sales numbers in the scooter industry are expected to grow by a big margin.