Top 10 Losers of October 2015 in Car Sales

Fiat Punto Pure launched-3

There is a major reason why car manufacturers are set to record fall in numbers because last year Diwali was in the month of October and this time is in November. Hence, as we know, festive season makes a lot of difference in our country.

Even major manufacturer sees some sort of negative growth all because of this reason. We tell you who exactly lost the most here today and top 10 losers in October 2015 list is in our hands.

10Fiat Punto – 49%

Fiat has been in the limelight after launching Abarth Powered twins of its potent hatchback. However, the sales numbers suggest that last month the Italian manufacturer had gone down by considerable margin.

As the YoY numbers suggest Fiat was 49% in arrears as it sold only half the number of cars it managed to sell last year – 1226 units compared to 631 units last October.

9Datsun Go – 49%

Time flies by and it’s already that time of the year that Datsun is almost a year old brand in India. It did considerably well initially but things have changed quite remarkably since then.

Datsun’s approach towards exports was key despite the fact that our car market has the highest amount of small car consumers. Sales figures are down by 49% as per YoY data. Last year it sold 1354 cars but this time it could only sell 691 units.

8Renault Duster – 49%


Renault has two cars on this list. Duster is one of them apparently. Despite the festive season already in the air, the sales figures are down by 49%.

It sold exactly half what it had been selling last October – 3417 units to 1727 units. The potent SUV is also due for a facelift and informed buyers could be waiting for the same.

7Toyota Corolla – 51%

Toyota has managed to come into the list. Corolla is a great car, but the puny diesel engine is the main problem. 1.8 petrol with manual and automatic gearboxes are brilliant but market prefers diesel in this segment.

Toyota clearly says if you want a diesel buy the Fortuner or Innova who have traditionally been large oil-burners. 51% down when compared to last year, it has sold 1,015 units in 2014 when compared to 501 units this year.

6Maruti Ritz – 51%

Maruti has also made it to the list surprisingly. Ritz hasn’t been doing so well despite seeing light in the cab market silently in small numbers. It has friendly battle inside the stable with the Swift, so Ritz sometimes go down the ladder.

However, with the new Baleno the fight got even tougher for this potent and punchy hatchback. 51% down from last year where it had sold 2853 units.

5Chevrolet Sail Sedan – 69%

Chevrolet is also in the news as it ignited plans of reviving the Indian specific vehicles by selling Chinese made cars such as Sail hatchback and sedan.

Sail sedan was regarded as a good looking car and recently got interior treatment with beige color as well. However, that did not help much. 69% drop in sales – as last year it sold 753 units compared to 232 units this October.

4Chevrolet Sail U-VA – 73%

Second Chevy in the list is Sail’s sibling, the U-VA hatchback. Sales numbers are down for this so-called premium hatchback as well. Despite better ride quality and good amount of space with a potent diesel engine under the hood, it didn’t manage to up its sales figures.

With bland styling, it just does not cut the cake in our most ‘demanding’ market. Sales are down by 73% as it sold just 133 units when compared to 485 units on October 2015.

3Honda Mobilio – 74%


Despite the car having the Honda badge, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t priced right. Mobilio with its high pricing isn’t reaching much homes than expected in spite of being a superior car than the few of its competitors in critical places.

Mobilio has more space, better engines, but the lack of quality inside the cabin along with a high sticker price on top variants made Mobilio not so famous. Sales are down by 74% as it just sold 770 units over 2985 units last year in October.

2Renault Scala – 78%

The second Renault we are going to talk about in the infamous list is the Scala. Sales of this plus size sedan have dropped for reasons very strange. A great package, but its the fierce competition in this category from Honda City, Maruti Ciaz and Hyundai Verna that calls for an even better product. Sales are down by 78% as it sold just 31 units when compared 142 units last year.

1Ssangyong Rexton – 87%


No matter how good the pricing is, how versatile the product is, you can’t upset a reliable and cheap to run traits of the product. Toyota Fortuner seems to be leading this segment by a huge margin and nothing is coming in its way despite Rexton had more presence, a very different approach and much more. Sales are down by a whopping 87% as it sold just 12 units when compared to 87 units YoY.

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