Top 10 Highest Selling Scooters In June 2019 – Honda Activa Retains Its Crown

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While sales of Honda Activa witnessed a decline of 19 per cent on YoY basis, the hot-selling automatic scooter retained its crown of being the top-selling scooter every month

Scooters have gained enough popularity in the two-wheeler market in the last few years, especially since the original Honda Activa first made it to the market. In fact, the Activa has been the highest-selling model in the scooter segment since time immemorial and maintained its numero uno position even last month.

However, the Honda Activa did witness its sales drop by 19 per cent on the YoY basis. This looks like the result of a sales down that has affected the entire market. Last month, a total of 2,36,739 Activa scooters were sold, which is a significant drop from the 2,92,924 units sold in June 2018.

The second spot has gone to the TVS Jupiter, which experienced a 5.1 per cent decline in its popularity. Last month, the automatic scooter from TVS found 56,254 buyers, which is a bit lower than the 59,279 units sold in June 2018. The third spot went to Suzuki Access, which witnessed a 28.77 growth in sales. Last month, the scooter sold 49,366 units, thereby marking a huge improvement over the 38,338 units sold in June 2018.

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Honda Dio found itself on the 4th spot, with a total of 43,749 units sold last month. The stylish automatic scooter experienced a 7.39 per cent growth from 40,738 units sold in June 2018. The TVS Ntorq managed to capture the 5th sport, with a total of 21,738 units sold last month. This is a decent 26.36 per cent improvement from 17,203 units sold in June 2018.

Model No. Of Units Sold
1. Honda Activa 2,36,739
2. TVS Jupiter 56,254
3. Suzuki Access 49,366
4. Honda Dio 43,749
5. Tvs Ntorq 21,738
6. Yamaha Fascino 15,519
7. Hero Destini 11,292
8. Yamaha Ray 10,696
9. TVS Pep+ 10,631
10. Honda Grazia 10,388

Data Source: AutoPunditz

The Yamaha Fascino finds itself in the 6th spot with a total of 15,519 units sold last month. This is a 9.86 per cent drop from 17,216 units sold in June 2018. The Fascino is followed by the Hero Destini, which found 11,292 buyers. The Destini wasn’t available in the market in June 2018.

The 8th spot has gone to the Yamaha Ray, in spite of a 13.85 per cent decline in demand from 12,416 unit sales in June 2018 to 10,696 units last month. The 9th spot has been taken by the TVS Scooty Pep+ with a sales decline of 12.39 per cent from 12,135 units in June 2018 to 10,631 units last month.

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The last spot goes to Honda Grazia, with a huge sales decline of 51.53 per cent. The Grazia found 10,388 buyers, which is a massive drop form 21,432 customer count in the same period last year.