Top 10 Gainers of October 2015‎ in Car Sales

Festive season is around the corners and the major car manufacturers continue to show growth when it comes to selling their popular model. The list remains pretty identical to last month as this time the festive season has extended by a considerable margin. Honda, Maruti, Hyundai and Ford to some extent also have posted good numbers.

Premium cars like Skoda Octavia and Toyota Camry hybrid has remained as segment leaders or very close as the intense battle shifts periodically. Let’s see who’s first and who’s last in the typical sales war.

10Honda City – 37%

Reason why every C-segment car is out of the context is because of the return of the Honda City and that too with a diesel engine. A 37% rise in sales from last year means they sold 7022 units in 2015.

City has the highest sales and has instantly taken down the public’s previous favorite, the Verna, despite it being a very potent car as well. Only car, which stands against City is from the king of car makers, Maruti with its Ciaz sedan.

9Tata Nano – 39%

Tata Motors must be like, God bless AMT. The AMT with 660cc petrol engine along with redesigned exterior and quality interior is back on the sales chart despite negativity around it previously was in abundance. It still doesn’t do what it’s capable of doing, but something is better than nothing after all.

A 39% increase in sales means that last year it sold 1654 units and this year it managed to sell 2300 units. We tested the Nano and except the driving position there is nothing wrong with the most easiest car to drive in our country till date with its size and price.

8Toyota Camry – 40%

Another personal favorite car of ours, is the Camry, which blows away with hatchback-alike fuel efficiency and performance of a fully grown 5 meter sedan with a big engine. The Hybrid Camry is taking away the crown from the diesel Skoda Superb.

Sales has increased month and this time around it has managed a 40% growth. Toyota sold 119 units against 85 units it sold last year in the same period. The new Camry is even better in every aspect than before as it was already a great car to live with.

7Maruti Swift – 48%

This car has the sales numbers to make every one’s jaw drop when he/she hears it. However, it’s back on the gainer list because last year due to production issues, Swift was pushed back and wasn’t near the 20,000 mark that it used to sell.

However, its back to those numbers as it has reached the 18,000 range. 17,699 units this year when compared 11,965 units last term marks a 48% increase in October sales.

6Maruti Eeco – 59%

Surprise! Surprise! Why is the vehicle back on the list? Because Mahindra just released its passenger Van, which is directly targeted against it. Mahindra Supro truck comes with segment first diesel engine that Eeco lacks.

Maruti increased the production, pumped in more manpower and most likely finished any backlogs. Sales are higher than before as the percentage stands at 59%. Eeco, at 6861 units, has shown strong sales this year and last year it had dispatched 4309 units in October.

5Hyundai Grandi10 – 68%

Grand i10 from Hyundai has become a popular figure in the monthly sales chart these days. Every month of the gainer chart, the Grand i10 is showing significant growth. A whopping 68% growth has been witnessed, which means Hyundai sold 14079 units this year when compared to last year which stands at 8400.

Grand i10 competes with the Swift, which also made it to the list this time. Hyundai has to worry about the new Ford Figo which has the most powerful and efficient diesel under the hood, something, which the market demands today.

4Honda Amaze – 100%

We told you last time, why the Amaze all of a sudden made to the list. Two reasons, to help its fight against the mighty Figo Aspire and the other reason is that apart from the City and Amaze and the new Jazz anything else seems not to be working well for the Japanese company.

Amaze has gone higher when it comes to YoY sales by 100% as it sold 6971 units. Meanwhile, last year, Honda sold just 3482 units. Competition is stiff from all ends for the Amaze as the product needs to be refreshed since the competition isn’t bare bone inside out like the Amaze.

3Ford Figo – 107%

The hatchback is back with a bang. From a 70 PS diesel and petrol engines to directly 100 PS diesel and 85 PS petrol engines, it has made amends where it seriously fell short. Ford listens carefully and they have worked on it while delivering efficiency and space at the same time and let’s not forget the great pricing.

All of those ideas have paid rewards with the sales up by a whopping 107% as last year it sold just 1710 of the old generation and the second generation has just sold 3534 units in October.

top 10 gainers in october 2015 car sales
Top 10 Gainers of October 2015‎ in Car Sales

2Skoda Octavia – 164%

We recently reviewed the Octavia TSI and were blown away and asked you that is it still worth the buy? Yes! was the answer and the sales number also suggests the same. 164% increase in sales means that last month the number increased to 324 units. Clearly, it is very near to the competition despite the fact it wins all comparison tests.

1Renault Fluence – 171%

Renault also made it to the gainers list despite having two models in the loser’s chart. Fluence, however, continues to be a dud for the French car maker. 14 units last year and this year just 38 units sold means the YoY number is quite high at 171%, but as we can all see these numbers are in double digits not triple, which the segment’s other big manufacturers have managed.

Skoda Octavia continues to be the clear winner in this segment. Fluence has stiff competition from Volkswagen and Hyundai as well.

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