Top 10 Gainers in September 2015‎ – Car Sales Analysis


In Top 10 Gainers in September 2015‎ list, Many cars gain with good percent, not with good numbers, even not reached in triple digit.

Honda City

2014 Honda CityIndia’s favorite C-Segment sedan has made it to the list as despite stiff competition, it manages to stay ahead of the pack for a really long time. The car has the cult following like no other and hence it has seen a 24% increase over last year. 1102 units more than last year is pretty impressive. Let’s see what other C-segment sedans have done as new Verna and Ciaz Hybrid are here as well.

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Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry 2015 Hybrid mileageOur favorite D-Segment sedan has seen a huge jump in sales when compared to last year. Toyota says they have been selling Hybrid’s more and normal petrol less. With the new model they have seen even more sales than before as the sales chart when compared to YoY went up by 32%. 30 units more than last year for 35 lakh car isn’t bad, but segment leader is Czech who has a diesel engine.

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Maruti Celerio

celerioMaruti’s Celerio has been doing very well since day one with its petrol-automatic combo along with the trusty manual gearbox. Diesel has helped the company reach new sales height, but that hasn’t helped them much. However, the Celerio has made a good impact when considered from last year. 2519 units more than last year, which makes 39% increase overall, isn’t bad. Let’s wait for the festive month as numbers are set go higher most probably.

Tata Nano

tata nano genx test drive review

AMT gearbox has changed the Indians look at automatic. It has also changed the fortunes of the Indian company, Tata. After Zest diesel, the company plonked same gearbox in the 660cc petrol engine of Nano, which has taken sales of this small and easiest car to drive in the world according to us to high level. 712 units over last year, which makes a healthy 42% increase makes things better for Tata. Should be better as next month promises more sales since festive season is here.

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Renault Pulse

Renault Pulse Picture Image India

Surprise Surprise Renault has made to the list of gainers. It’s no ordinary car either. The Renault Pulse has made its entry all of a sudden. With 50% of increase since last year, it’s no big deal for critics or the company itself to be lauded or worry about. Based on the Nissan Micra, both cars did not perform well because of lack of outlets.

New generation of small car from Renault-Nissan should do wonders which are due for in 2 years. As of now Renault is high with the Kwid and upcoming new Duster. 27 units more aka 51% more is the numbers stand at for Renault Pulse.

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Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI-21We recently drove the Skoda Octavia after its launch in a really long time. We asked whether it’s still worth the buy or no. We said yes and so did the market. A 54% increase in sales over the last year is quite good for a car which retails near the 20-22 lakh mark. 74 units more than last year is good progress for the brand and the car.

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Hyundai Grand I10

Grand i10 is a grand success for the Korean brand since the day of inception with the normal i10. Grand i10 takes things further and start selling units with 5-digit numbers. Selling 2338 units more than last year, which makes a 53% increase a lot for the company indeed. Competition from Maruti does sell slightly higher in comparison, but considering fact that a car is expensive than its rival, it shows sign of premium car demand in India.

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Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios Xclusive signature
Toyota Etios, a car which has everything a cab driver needs. Unfortunately, high on practicality and reliability seems to be fleet owner, manager needs, not the market. Market needs more quality, premium feel, attention to detail and of course value for money. Except for two things the Toyota lacked. Despite all this, it does not stop the company from selling as it records growth this year from last year and sells 1125 units more which makes growth of 69%.

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Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze IndiaTalk about shifting patterns. Honda wasn’t worried about Dzire, Xcent, Zest but is seems to be stalking Ford for sure. As soon as the Aspire came in, Honda sent out more Amaze then City to make sure compact sedan customer stick to their bookings. Numbers are evident as they show when you compare City numbers with last month’s number. Honda sold 71% more of Amaze which make numbers stand at 2800 more than last year this time.

Top 10 Gainers in September 2015‎ car sales

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Nissan Evalia

Nissan Evalia photo indiaNissan Evalia may not be doing 5 digit number that it should be doing despite a commercial vehicle but it has managed to sell over 40 units more than last year which stands 62 over 26 when compared. 138% increase is the number that this worldwide product from Nissan has witnessed.

Despite an immense practical layout the vehicle has it has been rejected by the market only for its look and of course lack of service outlets.

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