Top 10 Bikes Nov 2022 – Splendor, Pulsar, Apache, Raider, Hunter

Pic Source: Dipayan Paul

Hero Splendor led the way ahead of Honda CB Shine and Bajaj Pulsar in the motorcycle sales charts for the month of November 2022

Hero MotoCorp’s Splendor finished on top of the motorcycle sales charts in the month of November 2022 with 2,65,588 unit sales as against 1,92,490 units during the same period in 2021 with a YoY positive sales growth of 37.9 per cent. The Honda CB Shine moved up the rankings to finish in the second position.

The Japanese commuter posted 1,14,965 units as against 83,622 units in November 2021 with a YoY sales surge of 37.4 per cent. The Bajaj Pulsar series finished in the third position with 72,735 unit sales as against 61,913 units during the corresponding period twelve months ago with a YoY positive volume increase of 17.4 per cent.

The Pulsar range saw the arrival of the Pulsar N160 and more recently, the P150 this calendar year and both have been well received by customers. The latter has a starting price of around Rs. 1.16 lakh (ex-showroom) and is positioned below the N160. It will eventually replace the Pulsar 150. The tubular frame found in it is similar to that of the N160.

Bajaj Pulsar P150 Review

Top 10 Bikes (YoY) Nov 2022 Sales Nov 2021 Sales
1. Hero Splendor (37.9%) 2,65,588 1,92,490
2. Honda CB Shine (37.4%) 1,14,965 83,622
3. Bajaj Pulsar (17.4%) 72,735 61,913
4. Hero HF Deluxe (-14.5%) 65,074 76,149
5. Bajaj Platina (-44.4%) 33,702 60,646
6. Honda CB Unicorn (84.6%) 28,729 15,555
7. TVS Apache (-5.1%) 27,122 28,608
8. TVS Raider (168.8%) 26,997 10,040
9. RE Classic 350 (36.2%) 26,702 19,601
10. RE Hunter 350 (%) 15,588

The Hero HF Deluxe finished in the fourth position with 65,074 units as against 76,149 units during the same period last year with a YoY negative sales growth of 14.5 per cent. The Bajaj Platina entry-level commuter slotted in at fifth with 33,702 units as against 60,646 units in November 2021 with a YoY drop of 44.4 per cent.

In the second half of the table, Honda’s CB Unicorn finished in the sixth position with 28,729 units as against 15,555 units with a YoY growth of 84.6 per cent. The TVS Apache range finished seventh with 27,122 units against 28,608 units with a YoY decline of 5.1 per cent. The Raider 125 managed a total of close to 27,000 units last month.

TVS Raider 125-366-2

This when compared to the same period in 2021 with 10,040 units, a YoY growth of 168.8 per cent was noted. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Hunter 350 finished in the ninth and tenth positions respectively with 26,702 units and 15,588 units.