Top 10 Best Selling Scooters In Jan 2020 – Suzuki Access Beats TVS Jupiter

Honda activa 6g vs TVS Jupiter BS6

While most automatic scooters witnessed a lower demand in comparison to the first month of last year, the Honda Activa continues to enjoy the numero uno status

The prolonged sales slowdown that affected the entire auto market of the country has even trickled into the new calendar year, with almost all scooters registering a de-growth in sales on YoY basis. Last month, a total of 4,08,062 automatic scooters were sold, which is a not-so-negligible 3.70 per cent decline from 4,23,725 units in January 2019.

Quite unsurprisingly, the Honda Activa continues to enjoy the status of an undisputed leader, with the highly popular automatic scooter registering a monthly sale of 2,34,749 units. This is a healthy 10 per cent improvement over 2,13,302 units sold in the first month of last year. These sales figures come from both Activa 6G and Activa 5G.

Next in line is the Suzuki Access, which isn’t as big a success as the Activa but still sells in pretty respectable figures. Last month, it sold 54,595 copies, which is a marginal improvement over 54,524 units sold in January 2019. The third spot goes to the TVS Jupiter. It sold 38,689 units, which is a pretty substantial 24.58 percent lower than 51,300 units sold in January 2019.

suzuki access 125 2

Model January 2020 January 2019
1. Honda Activa 2,34,749 2,13,302
2. Suzuki Access 54,595 54,524
3. TVS Jupiter 38,689 51,300
4. Honda Dio 32,651 46,854
5. TVS Ntorq 20,644 15,836
6. Yamaha Fascino 12,493 11,647
7. TVS Pep+ 5,136 9,114
8. Hero Pleasure 4,239 12,892
9. TVS Zest 3,050 5,039
10. Piaggio Vespa 2,662 2,371

Even the Honda Dio, which finds itself at the fourth position, hasn’t had a great run. It sold 32,651 units, which is down by 14,203 units from 46,854 units sold in the first month of last year. This corresponds to a pretty substantial 30.31 per cent drop. Next in line is the TVS Ntorq with a sale of 20,644 units, which is a 30.36 per cent improvement over 15,836 units sold in January last year.

Even Yamaha Fascino, which enjoys the sixth position, has suffered a 6.77 per cent drop in sales. Its sales have come down from 12,493 units to 11,647 units. TVS Scooty Pep+ suffered a whopping 43.65 per cent drop from 9,114 units in January 2019 to 5,136 units last month. The highest fall has been recorded by Hero Pleasure, which fell by 67.12 per cent from 12,892 units to 4,239 units.

The second-last place goes to TVS Scooty Zest, whose sales declined by 39.47 per cent from 5,039 units to 3,050 units last month. Finally, the tenth place goes to Vespa, which could clock a sales growth of 12.27 per cent from 2,371 units in January 2019 to 2,662 units in the first month of new year.