Top 10 Best-Selling Hatchbacks in India (September 2018)


Maruti once again occupied the top four spots and showed the world that they still dominate the small cars and hatchback segment in India

Hatchbacks are perhaps the most practical mode of transport for small families living in cities and spending most of their time driving in City traffic or within city limits. This is also the reason why they sell in large numbers here and are the backbone of every auto manufacturer who does business in India.

For the month of September 2018, we surely find some surprising new names in the list of top 10 best selling hatchbacks. However, the top spot, as usual, is occupied by the largest and the most popular auto manufacturer Maruti and by one of their best selling offering the new generation Swift.

For the month of September 2018, Maruti Suzuki sold a total of 22,228 units of the popular hatch while the second spot is taken by their another popular product Alto 800 which sold a total of 21,719 units. Believe it or not, the third and fourth positions too are also occupied by the popular Baleno and Wagon R which sold a total of 21,296 units and 18,631 units respectively. While Maruti Suzuki continued to dominate the top 4 spots their biggest rival Hyundai is also not far behind either.

The South Korean Auto manufacturer ’s popular hatchback i20 Elite stood tall in the fifth position with 12,380 units while the sixth position is also occupied by Grand i10  accumulating a decent score of 11,224 units. Surprisingly Celerio occupied the seventh position with 9, 208 units which for your information is another Maruti Suzuki offering.

S.No Top 10 Selling hatchback In September 2018 No. Of Units Sold
1 Maruti Swift 22,228 units
2 Maruti Alto 21,719 units
3 Maruti Baleno 18,631 units
4 Maruti WagonR 13,252 units
5 Hyundai i20 Elite 12,380 units
6 Hyundai i10 Grand 11,224 units
7 Maruti Celerio 9,208 units
8 Tata Tiago 8,377 units
9 Renault KWID 5,529 units
10 Hyundai Eon 5,309 units


The last three positions in the top 10 largest selling hatchback list in the month of September 2018 include Tata Tiago with 8,377 units, Renault KWID with 5,529 units and lastly another popular Hyundai hatchback Eon which sold 5,309 units. However, we are quite surprised to not find some other popular hatchbacks like Ford Figo, VW polo or the Ignis which managed to score some decent numbers in the past.