This Yamaha RD350 (Rajdoot) Is A Beautifully Restored Masterpiece

restored Yamaha RD350 img1

Here, we have a gorgeous-looking Yamaha RD350, which has been masterfully restored by Haryana-based The Royal Restorers

Yamaha RD350 is a legendary name in the global motorcycle world, as well as in India. It was on sale in the Indian market between 1983 and 1989, produced under license by Escorts Group. Even though the motorcycle was discontinued decades ago, plenty of enthusiasts in India have one in their lineup, and some of these bikes are well-maintained, restored machines.

Here, we have one such restored Yamaha RD350, by The Royal Restorers. The motorcycle looks absolutely brilliant, and its retro essence has been nicely preserved here. The fuel tank, taillight mount, headlamp holder, and side panels sport a lovely shade of white paint, with contrasting black graphics. The fenders, engine guard, and dual exhausts are all finished in shiny chrome.

The engine assembly has been painted black, which contrasts well with the white body. There’s Yamaha branding on the tank, while the side panels get ‘350’ and ‘torque induction’ branding. Also, there are Yamaha badges on the left side of the crankcase, while on its right side, we see bold ‘Rajdoot’ branding.

restored Yamaha RD350 img4

The bike gets chrome-finished wire-spoked wheels,  and we see drum brakes on both ends. In the Indian market, RD350 (or Rajdoot, as it was called here) did not get a front disc brake, which was available on the international version. This was quite problematic, as the lack of braking power made handling scary, which kept many buyers at bay.

The motorcycle is powered by a 350cc, air-cooled, twin-cylinder, two-stroke engine, mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Back when it was new, this powerplant used to generate a peak power of 30.5 BHP (at 6,750 rpm), and the bike could achieve a top speed of around 170 kmph. Thanks to this explosive performance, RD350 was leagues ahead of its rivals back in the day.

restored Yamaha RD350 img5

However, this two-stroke motor was extremely thirsty, and the maintenance was quite expensive too. In a cost-sensitive market like India, this kept the 350cc Yamaha’s popularity low, leading to its discontinuation. As a result, RD350/Rajdoot is now a rare cult classic.