This Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome Has Room For A Bugatti Chiron

Volkner Mobil Performance S

Here’s a motorhome from Volkner Mobil that offers a luxurious travelling solution to its occupants and their supercar

Germans are known for their technological marvels in the world of automotive. Recently, a German firm – Volkner Mobil, has developed the Performance S motorhome that comes loaded with everything unimaginable. In fact, it has a parking space for a Bugatti Chiron underneath. However, it is for those who wish to spend their inestimable wealth on obtaining a caravan as luxurious as an Alcazar, since the price comes up to multi-million Euros.

According to Volkner Mobil, this Performance S motorhome costs roughly 20,35,000 Euros. Talking of the aesthetics, the motorhome dons an elegant purple shade that does add some vintage charm to it. The under-floor car storage features a slide-out mechanism and can be operated only when the vehicle is stationary.

The storage console uses a hydraulic mechanism for the actuation. The motorhome comes with a slew of electric equipment on board. To power these appliances, Volkner Mobil has fitted solar panels on the roof with a total battery capacity of 1800 amp-hours.

Volkner Mobil Performance S Interior

On the inside, the motorhome gets an exciting interior. It gets a high-end sound system from Burmester that costs 300,000 Euros. Well, now we know why this motorhome is expensive. It also gets a bespoke shower console, which is massive from a motorhome’s standards. The interior is finished in white upholstery with BrilliantBlack wood veneer that has been applied by expert hands. Also, there is a power-rising storage area for plates and cups.

Besides, there’s a full kitchen on this motorhome. It even gets an induction stove, microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and espresso machine. The Volkner Mobil Performance S motorhome measures 12 meters in length, and it can be had with a freshwater tank of 750 to 1000 litres.

Volkner Mobil Performance S 1

Powertrain options for this behemoth are two engine options – a 424 horsepower Mercedes-Benz engine and a 454 horsepower Volvo-sourced powerplant. Both of these engines come mated to an automatic transmission. With all of these specs and features onboard, the Volkner Mobil Performance S is a perfect touring solution for those with an uncountable amount of wealth and need a vehicle that can carry their supercar along with them.