This Toyota C-HR Is One Of The Coolest Custom Cars We’ve Seen

Toyota C-HR modified rear angle

A full-body wrap, neon underbody lights, and custom quad exhaust are just a few of the changes on this modified Toyota C-HR

Automobile enthusiasts love to customise their vehicles, no matter the country of origin. More often than not, we come across a modified car or motorcycle, online or otherwise, that grabs our attention and forces us to appreciate its beauty. Recently, we came across another such model – a customised Toyota C-HR – owned by Beth O’Donoghue, who hails from Bristol, UK.

The images we have here were shared online by Toyota UK. In an interview with Toyota Magazine UK in November last year, Beth revealed that her love for Toyota cars started back in 2009, with her father’s work car, a Toyota Avensis. In 2016, when the Japanese manufacturer first announced the C-HR, she was intrigued by the vehicle’s futuristic styling, and she bought herself one around two years later. The first modification to her vehicle was the addition of a lime green accent pack.

During the lockdown last year in the UK, Beth started to look around and she discovered car wraps! She got Avery Dennison colour flip for her C-HR, and for added protection, it has been ceramic coated. The racing stripe running from the nose to the tail contrasts well with the glossy body and aggressive bodykit, adding sportiness to the overall design.

Toyota C-HR modified front angle

Beth has also added Autobeam grille lights, fog halos, and underbody neon lights, which look extremely cool. The lights can shine in numerous variations, including multi-coloured or blue lights running around the car, all of which can be controlled via a smartphone app. The vehicle also gets custom quad exhaust from Infinity Exhausts, which helps this hybrid vehicle sound sporty.

This custom C-HR also sports Tein suspension, and has been lowered by around 20-30mm. Not only does it look much better now, but the grip has also improved by a fair margin on smooth roads. Despite all the mods, the Toyota crossover still manages to be impressively economical, returning upwards of 60 MPG (or 25.51 kmpl).

Toyota C-HR modified interior

Beth had also revealed that she was planning to get the interior of the car modded as well. She has received a lot of love online for her C-HR, and her car’s social media is steadily gaining popularity as well.