This Tiny Mahindra Pickup Can Pull More Load Than Ford F-150 Raptor

This Tiny Mahindra Pickup Can Pull More Load Than Ford F-150 Raptor (mahindra jeeto vs ford f150)

Mahindra Jeeto and the mighty Ford F-150 can be realistically compared in one manner and that will certainly amaze you!

There are main touchstones a truck owner would look for while buying a truck of any size. However, there are certain factors they would be inclined to brag about such as the capacity of the engine, number of cylinders used, and power rating as they tend to make their truck sort of a very big deal in numbers.

In reality, and going by the old saying, not all that glitters are gold. Instead of talk-the-talk, it is pivotal to get on the gas and do the workhorse utilitarian stuff. The last point makes this comparison all the more relevant and you would be amazed to see what really goes down here!

Having been on available in the domestic market since 2015, Mahindra Jeeto recently achieved one-lakh unit sales. The affordable CV, manufactured at the company’s Zaheerabad facility in Telangana, is versatile and can be used for different purposes like small-scale commercial businesses and short-distance transport.

The mini-truck takes power from a 625 cc single-cylinder engine that produces just 11 bhp and 38 Nm torque. It can also be had in 16 bhp tune and is connected to a four-speed manual transmission. The Jeeto is also available in CNG format and its interior is pretty basic while the claimed mileage stands at 33.4 kmpl.


Its performance numbers are, let’s face it, nothing to swank about but in a specific way it does beat the mighty Ford F-150 – United States’ best-selling pickup truck series that clocked over 4,50,000 units between January and June 2018 at a rate of one in every 35 seconds and it will likely break its own all time annual record set in 2004 this year.

The rear-engined, one-cylinder, Jeeto has higher payload capacity than the F-150 at nearly 700 kilograms. The F-150’s base Raptor with the 145″ wheelbase and 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost engine has a payload capacity of only nearly 600 kg.


It is quite amazing to see a tiny Indian CV can haul more load than an established global best-seller. Apparently, the F-150 will outperform the Jeeto in every conceivable way but the Jeeto costing around Rs. 2.88 lakh (ex-showroom) is just a fraction of the F-150’s price and that makes for a great deal just to do the truck things right?