This Suzuki Hayabusa Is Secretly A Hero Karizma ZMR, And It’s Up For Sale!

Hero Karizma ZMR modified into Suzuki Hayabusa

Here, we have a modified Hero Karizma ZMR, transformed into a Suzuki Hayabusa replica, which is on sale for a price of Rs. 2.2 lakh

A lot of motorcycle enthusiasts in India wish to own a superbike or two, but due to the sky-high prices of these machines, only a few can do so. This prompts many to look for aftermarket solutions, turning a relatively affordable bike into a superbike replica! Such mod jobs usually cost a fraction of the price of a typical superbike, which attracts a lot of enthusiasts.

The motorcycle we have here is a Suzuki Hayabusa replica, which started life as a 2017 Hero Karizma ZMR. This bike was recently listed for sale in Delhi, for a price of Rs. 2.2 lakh. If interested, you can check out the original listing by clicking here. However, considering that such extensive modifications have been outlawed in India, we’re not sure about the legality of this modified motorcycle.

As for the design, we’re actually quite impressed by this mod job. The motorcycle sports custom deep blue paint, with red and white decals. The alloy wheels have also been painted blue, and look quite sporty. The body closely resembles the real Suzuki Hayabusa (pre-2021), and from a distance, you could easily mistake this thing for the real deal.

Hero Karizma ZMR modified Suzuki Hayabusa 2

However, unlike the real Hayabusa, which gets USD forks, the front suspension of this custom model consists of conventional telescopic forks. The front wheel sports two disc brakes, but the rotors are much smaller. Similarly, the rear disc brake is also smaller than a real Suzuki Hayabusa. The rear section gets smoked glass for the taillight and turn indicators, which looks cool.

We’re not sure about the changes made to the engine of the bike. The 2017 Hero Karizma ZMR was powered by a 223cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder motor, which generated a peak power of 20.25 PS and a maximum torque of 19.7 Nm. This powerplant came mated to a 5-speed transmission.

Hero Karizma ZMR modified Suzuki Hayabusa 5

Before discontinuation in 2019, Hero Karizma ZMR was priced from Rs. 1.06 lakh to Rs. 1.08 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi). Compared to that, the asking price of this modified bike seems high, but if you approach it from the superbike replica angle, the price is easily justifiable. However, we should point out that all modifications that change the original specs of a vehicle are banned in India.