This Sticker Job For Just Rs. 1,500 Makes Suzuki Ertiga More Premium

maruti ertiga d pillar tape-1

We come across several modifications of cars and bikes but only a subtle few would apply and appeal to everyone and here is one such of the lot

The level of personalisation new car buyers want to implement on their vehicles has been ever increasing in recent times. And taking advantage, there have been numerous modifiers across the country consistently releasing their creations to have an upper hand over the other. We regularly feature the top customisation jobs we would come cross on the internet.

However, not every mod job is budget-friendly and with the amount of work being put in, you could readily say which is expensive and which is not, just by looking at them. The modifications across the two- and four-wheeler industry differ based on the requirement of the customers and the kind of vehicles they own. Sometimes it purely depends on the taste in which the personalization is demanded by the client.

In most cases, the creativity of the custom firm stands out and the willingness to pour in money by the client does worth a big mention here. We could see a lot of our readers adore the customization based posts we bring up on the website. But, not everyone has the desire to perform such tasks on the vehicle they own and it is mainly due to the high cost factor involved.

maruti ertiga d pillar tape-1-3

We had plenty of thought put into it before deciding to show this sticker job. We do know that subtlety enhances a product like no other and even the simplest of modifications having proper attention to detailing, stand well above the custom jobs you pay thousands for. Here is a sticker job that costs less than Rs. 1,500 and we are pretty sure most of you readers would not mind spending on this.

As you could see in the images, the white stripe on window line adds not only subtlety but premium look to any car. When combined with black pillars and a contrast body paint, the sticker job will attract the people on road and they will be left wondering what it could be.

maruti ertiga d pillar tape-2

Any passenger car with a large greenhouse and perhaps raked pillars will benefit from this plain yet attractive sticker job as more spice can be added to the large MPVs and SUVs.