This Royal Enfield Hunter Is Transformed Into A Killer Scrambler


Check out this vintage Harley Davidson Fatboy-inspired scrambler which starts out its life as a Royal Enfield Hunter

Royal Enfield is one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world, known for its classic design and powerful performance. One modification of the Royal Enfield as seen is given a scrambler style look, removing all unnecessary parts and giving it a sleek, minimalist look. This article focuses on the modifications made by the rider which will surely turn heads.

The bike as visible in the post has been stripped down to its bare essentials. The rear fender, front fender and passenger seat have been removed. The bike’s frame is modified to create a lower rider profile. The suspension also seemed to be lowered slightly.

The bike has been given an all-new paint job as well. The popular grey-black dual colour scheme has given a super cool look to the bike’s aesthetics. It has given the bike a minimalist design and a clean look. The bike is also seen with thick disk wheels that give this scrambler a muscular look. Inspired by Harley Davidson Fat Boy, this combination of the muscular design and bulky appearance of the tyres creates a unique and eye-catching look.


The Royal Enfield Hunter’s engine is a thing of beauty within itself but customisations have been made to enhance its performance. One clearly visible modification that the rider flaunts here is by adding a cool exhaust system, which is Leo Vince. Not only does it gives the bike a great look, but the exhaust also seems to be throaty and cranks up with an aggressive sound every time the rider revs the throttle thereby providing a wonderful experience to the rider.

The custom-built bike also features a cool tank hugger. The subtle indicator lights have also been placed perfectly enhancing the look of the motorcycle. The headlight of the bike is a retro-style headlight and as the comments suggest on the post is a true hit. The tuning forks have also been tinkered with to give the bike a rugged muscular appeal.


The Royal Enfield Hunter based scrambler is a stylish and timeless motorcycle sure to turn heads. With its blacked-out design and vintage appeal, this bike is the perfect choice for riders seeking a classic-looking motorcycle with a modern edge.