This Modified Toyota Hilux Beast Is Ready For Outlanding

modified toyota hilux-5

The Toyota Hilux is one of the most iconic names in the 4X4 world and boasts supreme reliability and capabilities

The Toyota Hilux is appreciated for its capabilities and performance and is currently one of the best-selling pick-up trucks across the globe. Toyota introduced the Hilux brand name in India a few months ago and this 4X4 pick-up truck received a phenomenal response in the country.

Ever since the launch, we have seen multiple modified Toyota Hilux versions and here is one such example that takes the capabilities and practicality of the Hilux to a completely new level. For starters, this modified Hilux features a long of upgrades to enhance its off-roading capabilities. These include a new fabricated metal bumper at the front, a new bash plate to protect the radiator, and better tyres.

The new bumper help improve the approach angle of the Hilux while the underbody crash protection plates ensure that the critical components do not get damaged during extreme off-roading. In addition to this, the bumper also features new AUX lights, tow hooks, and winch mounts. The side profile remains similar but you will not fail to notice the new alloy wheels.

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The new steel canopy at the rear too is one of the highlighting features of this modified Toyota Hilux and makes it extremely practical and unique. This new canopy features large glass panels on the three sides and has dedicated ventilation glasses on either side. The rear glass panel opens up to let the tailgate open. Inside the canopy, what you get is an extremely practical and comfortable cabin that will be useful in too many ways.

This steel canopy has been specially designed for the Hilux and has been manufactured using a dedicated hydraulic press to ensure maximum quality standards. In addition to this, the steel canopy comes painted as per the OEM standards straight from the factory. Mounting this canopy requires no additional drill holes to prevent rusting.

modified toyota hilux

It is mounted to the body using the fabricated clamps and can be removed without making any damage to the car. The rear bumper too has been replaced and now offers better departure angles. This pick-up has been modified by Bimbra 4X4 and features commendable capabilities and high-quality updates, making it fit for non-stop extreme outlanding.