This Modified Jimny Is Ready For Extreme Adventures

modified jimny

The modified Jimny showcased here has rugged looks and off-road capabilities any 4X4 enthusiast would dream about

No, don’t get fooled by the title. A Suzuki Jimny is usually always ready for extreme adventures but this modified Jimny straight up orders the onlookers to take it out and abuse it as much as they can. And try you will, with all you got only to stare at its undefeated stance when you are tired and finally give up and climb down from it.

But, what exactly makes this modified Jimny such a beast?

Well, let’s make it simple. Think of some of the rugged-looking off-roaders ever. Had a few names popped up? Pretty sure a certain Land Rover Defender and a Brabus 800 would have made the cut. Imagine having a front fascia that sort of blends both of these SUV characters together. And voila, feast your eyes on this Suzuki Jimny with an Adventure Defender kit by the Japanese legends down at Mudron.

One look at the front grille, bumpers and the skid plates it’s not hard not to draw parallels between this and the Defender. And the hood is strikingly reminiscent of a Brabus 800 – the cuts, the muscle, the bonnet cover and the raw abuse-demanding character. The paint scheme is eye candy too as this deep forestry shade adds to its overall appeal.

modified jimny-2

The aggressive wheel arches on the sides and the rear kit bumper are quite hard to miss. And oh, it’s tough to not stop for a moment and think how off-road ready those 15-inch Crimson Dean Colorado wheels make a vehicle look, let alone a Jimny.

All of these make an already competent off-roader like a Jimny run with more off-road DNA through its veins, that is if it there’s for some more. And you may not like a list of all the tech stuff and the nitty-gritty which excite you. Maybe you are a simple human. One look at this menacingly inviting vehicle is all you need to make sense of what we described.

modified jimny-3

Unfortunately though, the world isn’t much fair and there are trade-offs. So, all these additions add weight and compromise a bit on Jimny’s on-road characteristics. So, driving the Jimny from your garage to an off-road adventure track might be a bit of a headache given its on-road characteristics. But the fun you’d then have at the off-road track would be the best aspirin for the headache.