This Modified Ford Figo Diesel Belts Out 130 Horsepower

Ford Figo 1.5 diesel modified

Check out this Ford Figo 1.5 diesel, which wears custom suspension and larger wheels, and has been tuned to develop a higher power output

Carmakers have tried to offer budget performance vehicles in India many times over the years, but sadly, such cars never gained any significant popularity among buyers. As such, they’re usually discontinued quickly after launch, which is quite sad for enthusiasts. Although powerful turbo-petrol engines are available on hatchbacks nowadays, the performance and/or handling of these vehicles usually falls short of the ‘hot hatchback’ territory.

The lack of options doesn’t stop enthusiasts from pursuing performance though, and they usually look at aftermarket solutions to satiate their need for speed. Here, we have a modified Ford Figo, owned by Sangeeth Shaji, which features a few performance enhancements. The first thing we noticed about the car was its stance; this Figo gets Eibach pro-kit progressive lowering springs, which reduces the ride height by a few inches.

The vehicle also sports a set of 16-inch 7J alloy wheels, shod with low profile tyres (205/45). The roof has been blacked-out, and the ORVMs are been given the same treatment. The front grille is new, and gets a honeycomb mesh pattern, in black.

Ford Figo 1.5 diesel modified 2

The windows have been given a slight tint, adding to the overall sporty appeal, but in a subtle manner. Interestingly, these are the only visual changes here, and the rest are performance mods. This particular model is a Ford Figo 1.5 TDCi, which is rated at 99 HP and 215 Nm of peak power and torque, respectively, in stock condition.

This one, however, has BMC replacement air intake filter, and an ECU tune from Code6. This results in a power increase to 130 HP and 270 Nm. The 5-speed manual gearbox has been left unchanged. The sporty stance of the vehicle is well complemented by the increase in power and performance.

Ford Figo 1.5 diesel modified 5

Interestingly, even in its stock form, the Ford Figo offers good performance, especially compared to its rivals. Currently, it is available with two engine options – a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel engine. The former is capable of generating 95 HP and 119 Nm, while the latter develops 99 HP and 215 Nm.