This Custom Tata Altroz Has Upgraded Suspension & Plenty Of Mods

Tata Altroz White Pumpkin feature

Check out this modified Tata Altroz, which features plenty of mods, including an upgraded suspension, new wheels, sporty graphics, etc.

Tata Altroz is quite a popular hatchback in the Indian market, thanks mainly to its brilliant onboard safety and handsome design. Even though the car looks great in stock condition, a few aftermarket mods can transform it into a magnificent piece of art on wheels! The modified Tata Altroz featured here is a prime example of that.

This customised hatchback, owned by Gaurav of Raahee YouTube channel, features plenty of mods all around. The one that has us the most interested here is the upgraded suspension; this particular Altroz has Cobra springs installed, which have resulted in a drop of 30mm at the front and 45mm at the rear.

The title of the video claims this to be the first lowered Tata Altroz on Youtube! It should be noted that this isn’t the first lowered Altroz in India though, but this one looks extremely attractive nonetheless. Thanks to the new springs, the stance of the hatchback is now much sportier than before.

Tata Altroz has a great ride and handling balance in stock condition. With Cobra springs, the handling improves significantly, but the ride quality takes a hit. Also, the ground clearance is reduced, which makes driving on bumpy roads tricky. As explained in the video, such suspension mods require people to drive in a more careful manner.

There are plenty of other changes to the hatchback, as can be seen in other vlogs on the channel. At the front, we see projector headlamps with multi-colour demon-eye effect, along with a lip spoiler. At the sides, there are sporty graphics with custom smileys towards the rear, along with aftermarket alloy wheels and low profile tyres.

Tata Altroz White Pumpkin

At the rear, we see a large custom-built spoiler and a Valvetronic exhaust (which sounds brilliant). There are a few mods in the cabin as well, like an aftermarket Android-based infotainment system, a new audio system, and aftermarket damping. The owner is planning to make a few other customisations in the future!