This Is India’s First Mahindra Scorpio With 26-Inch Alloy Wheels – Video

Mahindra Scorpio 26-inch alloy wheels

Here, we have a Mahindra Scorpio with 26-inch alloy wheels (first in India), with a 2-inch lift kit to accommodate the new rims

When it comes to upsizing the wheels on a car, how much is too much? Most people go up an inch, sometimes two, just to fill up the wheelarches nicely and improve the road presence of the vehicle. However, there are plenty of people who go overboard and add rims that are way too large for the cars.

On that note, let’s take a look at this modified Mahindra Scorpio, which gets enormous 26-inch alloy wheels. The wheels sport a machine-cut, dual-tone finish, which looks very premium and upmarket. To accommodate the oversized wheels, the suspension had to be lifted by two inches and the fenders had to be altered. The entire process was extremely tedious, as stated in the video below, by Speedy Singh.

The final result is somewhat of a mixed bag. The wheels by themselves look quite nice, and to draw attention to them, LED rings have been installed surrounding the brakes on all four ends. The 295/30R26 tyres bulge out of the fenders, as they are significantly wider than stock rubber. However, the low-profile tyres don’t suit the car; the sidewall is almost non-existent, making it look like the Scorpio is riding on just the rims.

Bigger profile rubber would’ve filled the wheelarches a little better, and it would have been a little more comfortable as well. The way the SUV is set up right now, we’re sure the ride quality is jittery and bumpy. However, one cannot deny that this customised SUV would surely grab a lot of eyeballs wherever it goes.

If grabbing attention was the plan, then this is a job well done. A stock Mahindra Scorpio comes with 17-inch wheels (16-inch on lower trims), making this a 9-inch upsize! Also, this was quite an expensive mod job. The wheels themselves were worth Rs. 2.5 lakh, with each tyre priced at Rs. 40,000.

Mahindra Scorpio 26-inch alloy wheels img1

Including the price of other alterations, the final cost of this mod was higher than Rs. 4.25 lakh! The customisation was done by Mohali-based Wheels Hub. Interestingly, the owner of the car stated in the video that he wanted even larger 28-inch wheels, but he was advised against it by the workshop.