This Ford SUV Comes With A Free Playstation 5 As Christmas Offer – Details

Ford Explorer PHEV-3

Ford is offering a free Playstation 5 on the purchase of Explorer SUV, but this offer has only been announced in Spain

To attract customers and increase sales of their vehicles, carmakers usually offer some alluring deals and offers on their cars. While these usually consist of discounts, sometimes companies throw in a lot of other complimentary stuff, like free maintenance packages, car accessories, or even the hottest gaming console on the market!

Ford has recently announced that it will offer a brand-new Playstation 5 to its customers on the purchase of a new Explorer SUV. The caveat is that this deal is available only in Spain. Sony’s recently released PS5 has amassed massive sales this Christmas season, and this seems like an extremely interesting offer that Ford has made.

The Playstation 5 went on sale on November 19, 2020, in Spain, and sold out almost instantly. The next batch of consoles arriving in the country has also been booked almost completely by buyers. Sony’ latest gaming console was one of the most highly anticipated releases in the gaming world this year, and with the holiday season rush, its sales have shot off the roof.

Ford Explorer PHEV-6

It surely seems like buying a Ford Explorer is perhaps the best way to secure a PS5 for yourself in Spain! Even without the offer though, this SUV is quite a nice purchase by itself; it is a seven-seater vehicle that combines great comfort and practicality with sporty dynamics.

In Spain, the Ford Explorer SUV is priced from Euro 79,350 onwards (around Rs. 71.56 lakh) without discounts, and is only available in the ‘ST-Line’ trim level. It gets a 3.0-litre gasoline engine, with a plug-in hybrid system, paired to a 10-speed automatic gearbox. In comparison, the PS5 costs a rather modest 399 Euros (~ Rs. 35,821).

Ford Explorer PHEV-5

At first, this may seem like an expensive deal to buy a car to get a free gaming console, especially if your first priority is only buying a PS5. However, for people who are looking to buy a family car, the additional benefit of a free Christmas gift is quite lucrative, especially one that the children will love.