This Customised Kia Seltos Looks Deceptively Cool With Black Wheels

seltos kia customised-1

Kia Seltos has been customised by an owner with Lenso wheels, Michelin tyres, black roof and front grille garnish among other changes

We showed you a couple of modified versions of the Kia Seltos based on off-road theme, recently taken at a dealer display in the United States and they boded well with the flowing styling package the regular SUV carries.

The Seltos has been around for nearly three months now and we have not seen a whole lot of modifications done to the vehicle by owners and it does really surprise us considering the popularity of the five-seater that became the most sold SUV in the country in October 2019 and it could continue to do so in the coming months.

Pictures of an accessorised Seltos appeared on the internet further reiterate why the mid-size SUV is supple to modifications. Posted by its owner ‘Mr. Sunoj Palliyal on a Facebook group, the mod job looks sportier than the stock model with only a few alterations to its exterior and he thinks the accessories are competitively priced for the Seltos.

seltos kia customised-3

The customised Seltos wears the Punchy Orange colour scheme with the roof and entire grille section finished in black complementing the black pillars other black inserts available in the regular model. The side lower door cladding is also blackened for a more serious appeal.

The stock tyres are opted for new Michelins with 16-inch black Lenso alloy wheels. The basic paint protection film from Llumar replaces the standard sun film and the PPF (Paint Protection Film) has to be attended by trained experts, said the Seltos’ owner. Elements like mats and chrome embellishments are not available in the market for the SUV just yet according to him.

seltos kia customised-1-3

He tried matte wrapping the brand’s signature Tiger Nose front grille but at least thrice the carbon wrap peeled off due to contours in the grille and the only solution is to get it painted for no such hassle, he suggested. The black alloys, in particular, do enhance the bold stature of the SUV.