This Custom Royal Enfield With Tractor Tyres Is An Outlandish Machine

royal enfield with tractor tyres

Here, we have a modified Royal Enfield that sports a pair of massive tractor tyres, which give the motorcycle an extremely aggressive look

Royal Enfield is an extremely popular motorcycle brand in India, known for building retro-themed motorcycles, with engine sizes ranging from 350cc to 650cc. The manufacturer enjoys a cult-like following among enthusiasts, and many Royal Enfield owners love to customise their bikes, a few of which end up looking completely bonkers.

Here, we have one such modified Royal Enfield motorcycle, owned by Mani Gill. The most noticeable features on the bike are the tractor-like tyres, at the front as well as the back, which are extremely wide. The headlamp is an aftermarket LED unit, and we also see a wide, wraparound, single-piece handlebar on the motorcycle.

The front suspension has been altered to accommodate the massive tyre, and a custom triple tree has been employed here. The fuel tank is custom-built as well, and looks quite bulky and muscular. The motorcycle also sports a unique custom seat, which has been lowered. The rear section of this modified Royal Enfield features a new rear fender, and the swingarms have been modified as well.

Royal Enfield modified tractor tyre 3

The rear wheel is suspended on a monoshock, and the taillight and numberplate holder are now mounted on the left swingarm. The motorcycle also gets aftermarket turn indicators, and the exhaust pipe is also custom-built. A Gatling gun-style piece has been added next to the engine on the right side of the bike. We’re not sure if any changes or modifications have been made to the engine of the motorcycle.

While the overall design is extremely unique and impressive to a certain degree, such extensive modifications affect the ride, handling, and performance of the motorcycle. The massive tractor tyres look badass, but their inertia would make it difficult to turn the bike at speed, thus riding it on public roads would be an absolute nightmare.

Royal Enfield modified tractor tyre 2

It should also be noted that a majority of automobile modifications are illegal in India, and this motorcycle here is an attention magnet. If cops were to stop such an extensively customised bike on the streets, the fines incurred would be quite high.