This Custom Jeep Wrangler is Tuned to Run on Toyota Supra Engine


The custom Jeep Wrangler gets LED headlamps, off-road bumpers, modified hood and wheels along with a 5-speed manual gearbox

Jeep is the iconic brand to make the of-road vehicles and it is also the first choice for those who love adventure. Designed to take on the rough road challenge, Jeep vehicles come with high power engines. But, it seems some enthusiasts love to get more than what the American automaker offers. Here is a customised Jeep Wrangler that gets a 2JZGTE engine from a Toyota Supra.

No wonder, the enthusiast wanted to blend the power of Toyota Supra’s engine with Jeep’s rugged toughness and here comes the result. Paired with Jeep’s 5-speed manual gearbox, this engine is well capable of churning out around 350 hp of peak power. It also gets a HKS blow off valve. So far, this modified Jeep Wrangler is not only powerful to run on treacherous terrains, it is capable to run really fast as well thanks to the Toyota sportscar’s engine.


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To make the particular Jeep Wrangler distinctive, the customisation studio has equipped it with several custom body parts. It gets round shaped headlamps with cluster of LED ditching the conventional lamps. The front grille area looks modified too and it comes with a glossy black finish. The SUV gets specially designed off-road bumpers with provision for towing fitted to both ends.

The hood has been customised as well. At the side profile, it gets black cladding on the protruding wheel arches and the black wheels come wrapped with wider and thicker tyres offering greater grip. The footstep too appears customised and the doors also get a revised look.


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Inside the cabin too, this particular Jeep Wrangler has received customisation. It gets plushy leather seats with racing harness. That’s something reminds us again about the high performing engine. Apart from that, the cabin also gets a quick release steering wheel and an updated instrument cluster. Overall, the SUV has been designed to not only perform where there is no road at all, but on the asphalt too.

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Source: Craigslist