This Custom Honda Unicorn Into Classic Cafe Racer Is Tantalising

Prodigy Customs Old Stallion (Customised Honda Unicorn) 7

The Old Stallion by Prodigy Customs Bengaluru was a result of four-month creation and it boasts a dynamic cafe racer attitude

When we think about modified motorcycles, Royal Enfield comes at the fore of it. Its range of lifestyle bikes is handpicked by custom shops across the country as they have unique stance when compared to other youth-attractive sporty bikes available on sale.

For instance the entry-level Thunderbird and Classic bikes are preferred largely as they are supple and modifiers can run their imagination wild while making them. We have in fact featured many of them in our custom list of articles but there are others who tend to think differently.

Prodigy Customs’ founder Rithick Ghose wrote to us seeing our collection of mod pieces and asked us if we could feature one of his creations. We instantly approved it because it’s not something you would often find on roads and it’s not based on a stock Royal Enfield – deviating from the regular mod jobs.

The Bengaluru-based custom workshop has used a Honda Unicorn instead and created this classic café racer. Many would not recognise traces of the stock Unicorn because the changes have been in aplenty. Prodigy Customs took this assignment for its customer Vikram Singh and understandably he was “delighted” seeing the creation after four months and still uses the one-of-a-kind “Old Stallion”.

Prodigy Customs Old Stallion (Customised Honda Unicorn) 2

Prodigy Customs took four months to build this classic café racer. The modded Unicorn uses vintage custom-made multi-spoke rims genuinely along with free flow carbon fibre Two Brother exhaust system, green paint Job with black and chrome contrasts, vintage round-shaped front headlamps, as well as customised odometer and fuel gauge.

Other important changes are k&N free flow air filter for improved performance and pickup, metal custom-made heavy duty battery box, custom single seat focussing on long distance travelling, enhanced 14-litre fuel tank and heightened mono shocks at the rear.