This Custom-Built Royal Enfield 650 Scrambler Looks Rugged Yet Classy

custom Royal Enfield 650 scrambler Soldoutmotorcycles

Check out this Royal Enfield Interceptor 650-based scrambler project, built by Sold Out Motorcycles, a custom workshop based in the UK

Royal Enfield motorcycles are quite commonly used for custom project builds, mainly due to their simple architecture and easy-to-work-on nature. In the Indian market, the Chennai-based company enjoys a cult-like status, and the brand’s fan following in international markets has also been steadily growing in the past few years. This has also resulted in RE bikes becoming popular in the custom scene as well.

Recently, we came across a custom-built scrambler online, based on a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, built by UK-based Soul Out Motorcycles. This particular model features plenty of modifications, both mechanical as well as aesthetic. At the front, we see a new round headlamp, with a safety mesh on it. The triple tee is also new, and we also see a tiny aftermarket front fender.

The single-pod instrument cluster, handlebar and switchgear are new. The fuel tank features a beautiful dual-tone paint job – Black and Yellow. Below that, we see that the engine assembly has been blacked out as well, and the exhaust has been re-routed in a typical scrambler fashion. The side panels of the bike have been replaced by custom units with vents.

custom Royal Enfield 650 scrambler Soldoutmotorcycles img4

The bike also gets new footpegs, toothed units with extended mounts, along with a bash plate. The highlights of this project build are the new seat and the rear rack, both of which will soon be available for purchase via Soul Out Motorcycles’ store. This seat is shorter than the stock unit, and features a beautiful ribbed pattern, while the design of the rack is also pretty.

Other than that, we also see an aftermarket taillight and numberplate holder, along with a short rear fender. The dual shock absorbers at the rear continue to get golden-painted canisters. The wheels are also new; these are offroad-style wire-spoked wheels, shod with wide knobby tyres. We’re not sure about the changes to the powertrain though.

custom Royal Enfield 650 scrambler Soldoutmotorcycles img1

As stock, RE Interceptor 650 comes with a 648cc, air/oil-cooled, parallel-twin engine, which belts out a peak power and torque of 47.65 PS and 52 Nm, respectively. This motor is paired with a 6-speed transmission, with a slipper clutch available as standard.