This Body Kit Modifies Suzuki Jimny Into An Off-Road Beast – Details Inside

Aimgain MT8 Jimny Sierra body kit feature image

Check out this brilliant-looking body kit for the Suzuki Jimny Sierra, built by Aimgain, a Japanese aftermarket car parts design firm

Automotive enthusiasts all over the world love the Suzuki Jimny for its brilliant off-road capability. The little SUV is also quite inexpensive, which helped boost its global popularity even more. We’ve also seen plenty of modified examples on the internet, featuring beefy body kits and/or imitation mod jobs. Here, we see another customised Jimny, wearing Aimgain ‘MT.8’ body kit.

Aimgain is a Japanese brand that manufactures aftermarket car parts for various international cars. The company has created the ‘MT.8’ body kit for the Suzuki Jimny, which dramatically transforms the look of the car from a tame SUV to a menacing off-road machine. All the parts are available separately, thus allowing the customer to modify their vehicle to their own liking.

The MT.8 Jimny Sierra body kit consists of a custom bonnet, a new front bumper (with integrated fog lamps and skid plate), a stinger bar, a custom number plate holder, a new front grille (with optional LED auxiliary lights), a pair of HID projector headlights (with angle-eye DRLs), side protection bars, a new rear bumper (with integrated taillights), and a roof rack (with four integrated LED light bars).

Aimgain MT8 Jimny Sierra body kit rear three quarter

For the interior, buyers can go for custom floor mats (made of EVA Resin) and seat covers (made of PVC). There’s also a touch-operated control box on offer, which looks sweet with its blue backlighting. In terms of overall looks, the MT.8-kitted Suzuki Jimny looks absolutely stunning, ready to pounce on any terrain that comes its way.

As mentioned earlier, all the different parts of the MT.8 Jimny Sierra body kit are available separately. Most of these parts are made to order, and thus are quite exclusive as well! A complete price breakdown is given in the table below.

Product Price*
6 Switch Relay Control Box USD 292.58/ INR 21,943.50
Carbon Bonnet USD 162.55/ INR 12,191.25
Floor Mat USD 270.91/ INR 20,318.25
Front Bumper + Under Guard (with internal fog lamp) USD 1,625.44/ INR 1,21,908
LED Light Bar Grill (with LED Light Bar) USD 487.64/ INR 36,573
Number Plate Bracket USD 162.55/ INR 12,191
Rear Bumper (lamp set) USD 1,300.35/ INR 97,526
Roof Rack + set of 4 LED light bars USD 1,625.44/ INR 1,21,908
Seat Cover USD 563.48/ INR 42,261
Side Guard USD 866.90/ INR 65,017.50
Squid Ring Headlights USD 975.26/ INR 73,144.50
Stinger Bar USD 270.91/ INR 20,318.25
Stylish Grill USD 325.09/ INR 24,381.75


*1 USD = 75 INR, shipping and handling charges not included

The ‘MT.8’ body kit does not offer any performance upgrades for the Suzuki Jimny, which is quite sad, as the little SUV could definitely do with some extra oomph. The international-spec Jimny (Jimny Sierra in Japan) is powered by a 1.5-litre, which generates 102 hp and 130 Nm of peak power and torque respectively.

Transmission choices include a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed torque converter automatic. There is a Kei-car version as well, exclusive to the Japanese market, which is offered with the same body but a smaller, 660cc turbo-petrol engine, generating a measly 64 hp and 94 Nm.