This 6-Wheeled Mercedes-Benz X Class Pickup Truck Mod Is Simply Outrageous


The Exy Monster X Concept gets several cosmetic enhancements and interior modifications to become a mouth-watering prospect

Carlex Design will be introducing a brand new project under the name Pickup Design. As part of the enthusiastic project, the company has developed a three axle pickup truck called the Exy Monster X Concept. As they were serious about creating a new design, they went all in with Mercedes-Benz X Class.

The Exy Monster X Concept is essentially a completely customised version of the X Class and the entire body is constructed out of lightweight carbon fibre material. It has ensured a thoroughly new outlook to the X Class. The six-wheeled pickup truck is nothing short of spellbinding and you can readily see it why in the pictures.

The brand has mentioned all the important changes. Up front, the obvious highlights of the concept are the stunning light bar and the big air scoops mounted on the bonnet, which could assist in additional cooling.


The carbon fibre panels do come on their own in terms of catapulting the overall stance of the Exy Monster X Concept and Pickup Design has made sure extra body kit is added to further enhance its appeal. The side arches are flared to accommodate the massive wheels, so do the air intakes to channel in more air supposedly.

Although currently being at the concept stage, it will become a full size model according to the brand. The bed section is coloured in yellow and it is called as ‘protective structural paint’ with carbon black touches. The interior, as well as the outer body, does feature “electric accents”.


The stock Mercedes-Benz X Class’ suspension has been lowered and ceramic carbon disc brakes have been employed to reduce the stopping distance. A pair of winches is present on either side of the concept and the company claims the feature will help it to become a track safety car. Additional lighting is also there in the pickup truck if it wants to be used as a special task car.

Called as the largest monster of the Pickup Design, it certainly has an outrageous character that cannot be duplicated. The regular turbocharged V6 engine making 258 bhp should have seen a fitting upgrade to suit the mouth-watering exterior.