This 1000+ Hp Toyota Supra Drift Car Will Make You Drool For More

Formula Drift Toyota Supra 3

The Formula Drift spec widebody Toyota Supra and Corolla produce more than 1,000 horsepower and they get tuned suspension as well

We do not have to tell you to realise how uncertain things are around us due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Focussing on the automotive industry, nothing much is happening as far the launches and previews are concerned in India as well abroad. Even if we dig deep, we are hard pressed to come up with anything interesting every single day in the interest of new cars.

The scenario is not different in the motorsport world as major sporting events such as Formula One, MotoGP, IndyCar, NASCAR, WEC and other noteworthy series are left pondering about their respective seasons. This does not stop some aspiring individuals from creating new machines. Papadakis Racing, the highly successful team in Formula Drift, revealed two challengers that got us really excited.

Even if you are not a motorsport fan, we definitely recommend checking out Papadakis Racing’s Youtube channel as the low down of its latest Drift-spec Supra will help you learn a lot of new things. Narrated by Steph Papadakis, team’s boss, the informative videos explain a lot of interesting bits about this sideways monster from engine to chassis.

Formula Drift Toyota Supra 4

Jonsibal has revealed the design renderings of the recently announced GR Supra, which will be driven by Fredric Aasbo. He designed the widebody kit with Steph and TRD along with the matte black and yellow signature livery. Kudos to Jonsibal as it is one of the best looking widebody kits for the new Supra we have ever seen in its latest avatar.

Along with the 1000 horsepower Supra, Papadakis Racing will also run a Toyota Corolla hatchback, which will be drifted around by Ryan Tuerck. He was driving a Toyota GT86 in Formula Drift and the Corolla looks equally bonkers as it also produces more than 1,000 hp. The chassis is specifically tuned to suit Tuerck as well with the use of sequential gearbox and new suspension.

The lowered suspension, black wheels, contrast yellow and black paint scheme with Rockstar Energy decals will make you drool for more!