Thief Steals Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Demo Bike From Test Ride

Thief Steals Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 During Test Ride

The Interceptor 650 demo bike was stolen from Royal Enfield Chennai dealership during a test ride

Most of the prospective customers test drive/ride vehicles before taking the final decision as they want to get a feel of the vehicle, which is why dealerships encourage people to test ride/drive the vehicles and it is mandatory that all the details of person should be collected like I.D, phone number and test drive form must be filled.

But some dealerships across the country don’t follow these things and if there is a loophole then there is always a chance that something could wrong. This shocking incident took place at the Royal Enfield Jafferkhanpet showroom in Chennai. The thief along with his friend came to the showroom acting like a prospective customer.

After enquiring about the 650 Twins, he requested for a test ride and the dealership accepted that then he wanted his friend to accompany him but they didn’t approve that, so he took the bike for a ride and didn’t return on time but his friend was at the dealership. After some time, he realized that he will be caught and the thief returned the bike.

So now he was aware that the showroom people will give the bike and after some days, he visited the Chrompet showroom of Royal Enfield in Chennai. This time he was alone and asked the showroom guy for a test ride. After he took the bike, he never returned and all these actions were caught on the CCTV camera of both dealerships.

But still, the Police is yet to find the culprit even though his face is clearly visible from the CCTV footage. The Jafferkhanpet showroom people should have informed other dealerships about the incident but they didn’t and nobody was able to take any precautions. If they followed all the procedures correctly then at least they might have got some evidence about the theft.

Let’s hope that police will be able to find him and this will be lesson for all the dealerships across the country that such incidents can happen anytime so follow the rules and always send a person along with test ride vehicle or attach a GPS tracker in the vehicle, which will be helpful when something like this happens.