New Tesla Vehicles Can FART On Demand Cheekily!


Tesla has been known for their extremely powerful vehicles, however, they are also one of the coolest electric cars with a long list of futuristic gadgets

It sure is surprising to see what the Tesla cars can on the road. Driving on auto-pilot mode, celebrating in Easter Egg mode, and leaving supercars far behind in drag races. Tesla cars can do it all and they continue to surprise with the updated software releases.

Recently, Tesla released an official software update for the vehicles that adds another Easter Egg to the Tesla cars. With the update, owners can now hear fart noises inside the car. Earlier this week, Elon Musk tweeted saying “Tesla fart(emoji) app almost done. Important to get every note right”.

However, many questioned Elon Musk about the new app and asked if he was joking. He was not. The new update has added a new “Fart” app on the Tesla vehicles that can be used by the Tesla car owners to create fart noises. Luckily there is no odour created.

The new app in the Easter Egg drawer has 7 different fart sounds and modes that can be used. Almost all the fart modes seem to refer to the different Tesla companies or products. Here are the modes:

  1. Not a Fart – reference to The Boring Company’s “Not a Flamethrower”
  2. Short Shorts Ripper – Where Elon Musk taunted TSLA shorts
  3. Falcon Heavy – Falcon is the name of SpaceX’s newest rocket
  4. Ludicrous Fart – Tesla’s ludicrous mode
  5. Neuratink – Reference to Elon Musk’s Neuralink company
  6. Boring Fart – Reference to the Boring Company
  7. I’m so random – probably refers to Elon Musk’s thoughts

The new update also added a new “fireplace” Easter Egg that displays fireplace in the central display turns up the heat and plays romantic music. Last year, Tesla cars got celebration mode, Mars terrain on GPS and more such interactive apps as Easter Egg presents from the company. All the Tesla models would get the update soon and the new features would be added to them. Interestingly, all the Tesla updates are done wireless over-the-air.