Tesla Starts Talks With Indian Government For Market Entry

Tesla Model 3 1

Tesla wrote government showing interest to sell its EVs in India through single-brand retail window

Tesla has commenced talks with Indian government to sell its electric cars in the country through single-brand retail window. The American EV manufacturer has already written to the government showing its interest in importing its zero emission cars here. With this strategy, the brand has to comply with several government rules that include up to 30% local sourcing of the total value of the product.

Not very long ago, Tesla boss Elon Musk tweeted urging the Indian government to give his company a temporary relief on import tax until the brand sets up its production plant in the country. Now, with Tesla and Indian government discussing the issue, we can expect the government to reply to the brand in coming weeks.

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In this case, we are likely to see Tesla rolling out Model 3 compact sedan in domestic market very soon. This is the third and latest product from Tesla and it has already garnered pretty much interest. However, speaking about Tesla’s India policy, it is still not clear how the automaker will provide after-sales service in the country.

The development of infrastructure for the Tesla EVs is also a question that remained unanswered. Lack of charging infrastructure is one of the biggest problems for the EV market in the country and Tesla too is going to suffer from that if it doesn’t build its own charging infrastructure. However, Tesla’s entry in India is certainly going to boost the Mission EV 2030 that the government is very much passionate about.

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As Indian government has been thriving to introduce the zero emission pure electric mobility across the country by 2030, the American auto major could play a very significant role in boosting the EV market in India. Also, it would be really interesting to see how domestic customers respond to Tesla’s premium electric cars here.

Source: TOI