Tesla Posts Highest Ever Quarterly Deliveries In Q1 2021

2021 Tesla Model 3 feature

Tesla delivered a total of 1,84,800 units of the Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X across the globe in the first quarter of 2021

Tesla Inc has released its production and sales data for the opening quarter of this calendar year. A total of 1,84,800 units were delivered by the American electric vehicle manufacturer and it did exceed the expectations of many and more crucially met the target that ranged between 1,60,000 and 1,88,000 units of the Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X.

In the final quarter of 2020, Tesla registered 1,80,570 units – highest in a quarterly period for the brand. It has been surpassed by just over 4,000 Units as the record is broken. It is worth indicating that Tesla never got past the Q4 sales in any year when compared to the Q1 of next year.

In Q1 2021, Tesla deliveries of the Model 3 and Model Y stood at 1,82,780 units while 2,020 units of the more premium Model X and Model S were retailed by the company. The whole production output stood at 1,80,338 units as Tesla did not roll out any unit of the Model S and Model X in the first quarter of CY 2021.
Tesla Armored Model S P100D-1-3
Tesla has stated that it is encouraged by the strong reception of the Model Y in the Chinese market and progression towards full production capacity is being made. The new Model S and Model X’s good reception comes courtesy of the new equipment installed and tested this past quarter. The brand reiterated that it is in the early stages of ramping production.

It has been said that Tesla’s delivery count should be viewed as conservative and could vary by up to 0.5 per cent or more as it depends on factors such as cost of sales, foreign exchange movements and mix of directly leased vehicles. Tesla is preparing to enter India with the first model being the Model 3 entry-level sedan.

The company’s Fremont facility in California was shut down for two days in February due to parts shortage. Its impressive showing in recent times made Tesla the most valuable car producer in the world despite the overall output being lesser than the traditional auto makers.